Technically this is a feature series but the posts may be sporadic as the point of this series
so to speak is to share the products that I rate highly and use almost daily but never really deemed
interesting enough to feature before.

As everyone and their mother knows I have oily skin 
and I will try pretty much any product that promises to reduce this problem or offer matte skin.
The pressed powder I use isn't fancy nor is it high brow but I do love it so and it does a pretty great
job of keeping my skin shine free and helps to keep my make- up in place.
It does claim to reduce the size of pores too but I don't find that to be the case.

To the best of my knowledge there is five shades in the colour line up
all of which are pretty pale so I don't know just how suitable they will be for those with deep skin tones.
I wear the shade Transparent which does claim to be a suit all shade but I do find it to lighten my skin
tone a tad so it may lean ashen on some?

Anyway shade selection aside this pressed powder is as cheap as chips at £3.99 
but lasts me a good few months (shattered compacts aside) and does a wonderful job keeping 
oil at bay for around 6 hours before I need a quick touch up on my nose and cheeks mainly.
It's comfortable to wear and never cakes on my skin or feels heavy
and most importantly for me it keeps my skin matte!

Have you tried this or the foundation that also features in the line?

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder £3.99/14g via Superdrug - link