If you cast your mind back to the end of 2011 17 launched their version of BB Creams
and I didn't bother picking one up purely because back then BB Creams didn't interest me in the slightest
I deemed them to be a fad that would sizzle out by the new year...how wrong was I?
The answer is very haha! BB Creams are still very much a hot topic and 17 have reformulated their original
formula so I decided to finally give it a go!

17's Blemish BB Balm Improved Formula comes in pretty much the same style of tube as the original,
a black squeeze style bottle which is pretty akin to most high street foundations.
The packaging looks smart enough, is easy to dispense the product and isn't prone to leaks or spillages
which is what matters to me most as I have ruined the inside of many a handbag in the last few years.

The original 17 Blemish BB Balm's came in two shades light and medium
but the new formula comes in three shades light, medium and medium dark.
I couldn't source the deepest shade so at this point I have nothing to say but when I do find
one I'll update with a quick shade break down.
the light shade is very light and neutral in tone without being orange - I hate to generalise but it should suit
most fair tones as it does blend into the skin rather well but if you have tried this shade and disagree
do not be afraid to state so in the comments!
I went for the deepest of the two shades which is the medium option, the medium shade is a light tan shade
that does have a slight yellow undertone and should be a good match for most medium skin tones.

I'm glad to see more UK/US brands adapting a more Eastern approach to their BB Creams
and realising that actually a BB Cream isn't just a fancy way of describing a tinted moisturiser.
17 Blemish BB Balm Improved Formula is thick in texture yet light on the skin and not troublesome to oily skin types - light a great moisturiser should be when aimed at such skin types.
Unlike the original formula this contains a SPF of 25 rather than 15 which is a great improvement.
However I do feel that 17 Blemish BB Balm Improved Formula lacks in terms of coverage,
when you first apply it you have high hopes as it is rather thick and seems promising yet once blended
it pretty much disapears and tints the skin rather than offering decent coverage.

17 Blemish BB Balm Improved Formula claims to minimise pores and help improve skin over a four week
period and control oil production.
I have been wearing this as a primer of sorts for the last week and can't say I have noticed any improvements in my skin thus far nor do my pores look minimised but it is still early doors.
That being said it doesn't seem to settle into my pores but it does nothing for oil control in my opinion
but the good news is that it doesn't seem to encourage oil production despite being very moisturising.
I will continue to apply this as a primer like product for another 3 weeks to see if it improves my skin and report back but at this point I deem this to be a thick tinted moisturiser with a good SPF factor.

Have you tried either version of this? What are your thoughts?

17 Blemish BB Balm Improved Formula 30ml/£5.99 (introductory offer will be £6.99 after the 1st of September) avaliable in most Boots stores and via Boots online store - link