I've been asked a few times what is the point of this style of post so I thought it's best to explain
rather than leave some confused, basically I use a Sunday to select a few items from my stash 
that I have neglected and attempt to incorporate them within my day to day make-up.
The products I feature are not the only items I use on a day to day basis,
simply products I want to get more use of. 
I hope this makes sense and I will post about my daily make-up routine soon!

So this week I have selected...


Stila Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser
This was an impulse buy due to it being £1, yep complete bargain
but the problem is i'm not a huge fan of tinted moisturisers...oops!
Although cheap as chips I still don't believe in waste so I will try and use it in some shape or form.
Perhaps to water down a thick foundation?

MAC Star Wonder MSF
I bought a good few products from the Heavenly Creatures collection in July
but unfortunately they arrived just before I jetted off so other than testing them for reviewing purposes, 
I have yet to fully enjoy them so I'm beginning with Star Wonder which is a blush on my skin tone.


Avon Supershock Mascara
I always have a sealed bottle of this in my make-up vanity, I tend to buy in bulk by bulk I mean three tubes
at a time when it is on offer on the Avon website as it is a great all round mascara.
It adds both volume and length and can be build in layers quite well.
I do find it has a tendency to flake and smudge rather easily though.

HD Brows Palette in Vamp
My brows have finally grew out enough for a re-shape but won't be getting said re-shape until next week,
so for the moment I am relying on my fringe (bangs) to hide my two fuzzy caterpillars.
I plan to use this palette to define and camouflage my brows slightly until the waxing lady works her magic!


NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Pecan 
I found this at the bottom of my nail polish storage, no idea why it was hiding in there but I love e when things
like that happen, more so when I find money in a bag I haven't used in a long time haha!
Anyway if I wasn't trying to downsize my collection I would buy a good few more of these lip pencils
as they are so easy to apply and provide great glossy full coverage on the lips!

NATorigin Lipstick in Corail
Now that i'm brunette I feel I can get away with more intense lip choices...well least that's my theory anyway! I'm a little obsessed with Sofia Vergara (Gloria from Modern Family) and this pretty akin
to the type of shade she wears.

So that is this weeks choices, what are yours?