Thursday, August 23, 2012

Famous by Sue Moxley Cosmetics First Date Blush in Angelina - Review

Let's start this post with a few fun facts, my mum nearly named my little sister Angelina
not after Angelina Jolie (she wasn't a hot commodity back then) but because of a song that
involved the line "Kiss your mama twice just because you are so nice, oh Angelina"
but in the end didn't, she was also going to call me Jasmine but didn't!
A lot of shoulda, woulda coulda's for an intro wouldn't you agree?
Anyway on to the blush...

Like everything in the Famous by Sue Moxley line the blushes have been repackaged 
into cute and very girlie pink chrome cases that feature a bold leopard print.
I understand that they the design is not for everyone but it reminds me a little of 
the style of packaging that Victoria's Secret use for their cosmetic line?
Aesthetics aside the casing seems sturdy enough and there is a large good quality mirror housed inside too.

I've had a good nosey online and can not seem to find just how many shades of blush there is in the line
but if memory serves me right I think there is three and one is called Penelope? 
Anyway the shade I have to share is called Angelina as we have all established with my "fun facts"
that probably weren't all that fun.
Angelina is a dusky pink with a yellow undertone, in my opinion it is one of the few pink shades
that will look good on most complexions as it is mid toned without leaning too warm or cool in tone.
The colour pay off is also great and can easily be built up in layers without caking or looking heavy!

The formula of the First Date Blush is truly beautiful and worth much more than its £4.99 price tag.
The texture is light, silken to the touch with very good colour pay off - in many ways it reminds me
of Illamasqua blushes so it certainly is worth looking into if you are a fan of such brand.
The blush applies like a dream and is very easily buffed into the skin with little effort,
Angelina is matte in formula, it does not cling to dry patches nor does it settle into my enlarged pores
it also wears exceptionally well on my oily skin - around 8 hours with minimal fading!

For £4.99 it certainly is worth looking out for the First Date Blushes* if in a Superdrug store,
sadly I can not find this online via Superdrug or the Famous web store
but it does retail for £4.99/7.5g.

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  1. Only £4.99? WOW! The packaging is fabulous too!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Wow £4.99 is such a great price for a product that lasts this long. Its such a lovely colour and I would love to try it :)

    Helen xxx

  3. this looks gorgeous! I personally love the packaging :) xo

  4. This looks ridicously pretty. I love the packaging!

    Kirsty-Anne x

  5. Absolute bargain, and hooray for a matt blush, us more mature women don't want or need all of that sparkle that seems to be in all blushers these days. I will definitely be checking this range out :) Jude x @jadlgw

  6. Ahh such a perfect pink! I'd soo buy this if they were available in Pakistan! :(

  7. Wow!! So beautiful!! Like the colour and the packaging. It's very affordable... I'm thinking on adding this to my blush collection U_u

  8. Gorgeous colour, great value for money too!

    I'm doing a giveaway over at my blog if your interested :) Check it out here -


  9. Man this looks so expensive/luxe but it's only under a fiver? I really LOVE the packaging and i've been meaning to pick up a new blush - great post!!

  10. Looks gorgeous!

  11. Wow! I never would have imagined that it cost only $4.99! :O

  12. Love the colour! Very pretty

  13. I really like this colour and I think it would even look well on my pale face :o

  14. wow that is so pigmented! :O i love it hehe i need it :P xx

  15. Angelina is definitely one of my favourite blushes this year! x


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