Although I primarily suffer from oily skin air conditioning in the warmer months can dry and dehydrate
my skin just like the cold winter winds can so every now and then I do like to treat my skin
to a moisture based mask and the one I have been testing recently is Eve Lom's Moisture Mask.

Firstly the packaging is divine - a chic white and gold jar that would look at home in any
top quality spa rather than an at home product.
The scent is also pretty typical of a spa style product -light, airy and fresh.

The mask itself is a gel based  substance that feels very similar to a high quality facial serum.
The idea is that you apply this at night after cleansing the skin, you simply apply a light layer
and then leave to absorb for around 15 minutes before wiping of any excess product.
This way you skin only absorbs as much moisture as it requires rather than being overloaded
and overwhelmed which is easily done if your skin is oily.

Afterwards my skin is softer than soft and most importantly it does not repay me for the moisture boost
with a break out or added excess oil.
I do feel it may be slightly wasted on my oily skin but those with dry skin will thoroughly enjoy this
and it may be a product worth investing in as a little does go a long, long way!

Eve Lom Moisture Mask* 100ml/£65 via Space.NK - link