Here in the UK tomorrow is a bank holiday Monday and with no early starts for most
why not take a leaf out of my book and have a massive pampering session,
well unless you are out on the that case enjoy tomorrow's hangover haha!

Tonight I'm going to slap on Scott Cornwall's Shine On which is an at home glazing product
which boosts the hairs shine without adding or removing any colour from your hair.
I have used it in the past and the results are amazing, if your hair is a little lack lustre
I highly suggest giving this a go!

I have already mentioned the Clearasil Vitamin and Extracts range today
but tonight I am going to use the scrub in this line to buff my skin into a super soft state
ready for a quick slick of self tanner...well if I don't fall asleep in front of the t.v that is!

A Sunday is also when I like to pamper my hands and feet,
which normally includes a quick scrub using any Body Shop Scrub I have to hand.
For my feet I like to go that step further and give them a quick once over using the MicroPedi machine
before slathering both my mitts and tootsies in hand cream.
Yup I use hand cream on both my hands and feet as I find it to absorb so much more quickly
than anything else, at the moment I am using Neom's Inspiration hand cream which was a magazine freebie!
I also tend to use Sunday's to change the shade of polish on my toes, this week I am going for
Essie Muchi Muchi as I tend to favour brights!

Lastly I plan on slapping on a good facial mask to draw out any impurities
and cleanse deep down, my favourite ever face mask is Soap and Glory's The Fab Pore.
It really does help with my pond like pores and leaves my skin feeling soft yet deeply cleansed.

So along with watching Keeping Up With Kardashians and lighting a good candle that is my plans for tonight, what about you? Is Sunday the night you treat yourself with a pampering session?