Now that my hair is long-ish I have been using more heat on it to style it,
particularly straightners (flat irons) and I do worry that the excess heat will reek havoc
so I've been testing out various heat protection products in the hope of having glossy straight hair
without all the damage heat brings!

My heat protection spray at the moment is Neal & Wolf which is for all hair types and can be used
on both wet and dry hair to protect against temperature up to 220 degrees which falls short of GHD's
230 degree temperature so I have been using my old Nicky Clarke straighteners instead.

Neal & Wolf contains silk protein to lock in moisture and protect against heat,
it also boasts a film forming polymer to guard the hair cuticles against moisture loss when styling,
coupled with Medowfoam seed oil for a glossy finish which also beautifully scents the product.

In the past some heat protecting products have weighed my hair down or worse left it feeling sticky
but this delivers a fine scented mist that is light on the hair and non sticky and does not leave the hair stiff.
However it is rather scented which you will either like or loathe, my only slight niggle with this product
is that it doesn't protect the hair to a high enough level for me to use my most reached for styling tool.
If the heat appliances that you use don't reach above 220 degrees then I do highly recommend this spray
but if like myself you tend to favour GHD styling tools then you will have to find something else
as this will only partially protect the hair.

Neal & Wolf Heat Protection Spray* 150ml/£10.95 - link