For most of us a primer is an essential daily step in our make-up routine
but in my experience not many are aimed at us with oily skin, surely oily skin requires a primer
more than most due to the natural slip and slide oily skin provides?
Well today I have a brilliant primer that is prefect for oily and blemish prone skin types
without breaking the bank.

Witch Skin Clearing Primer comes presented within an upright pump action bottle,
the pump is a great addition as it is very easy to control just how much product you use
and will minimise both waste and mess, not to mention it is pretty much air tight so no spillages etc.

"Witch Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer is designed to help prepare your skin for foundation by mattifying and absorbing excess oils, providing a smooth, silky base that helps you achieve an even and long lasting finish with any foundation or powder. Added to this, it also helps prevent and target blemishes by protecting skin from the layers of make-up, which can cause or aggravate blemishes.
Helps prevent and target blemishes, Mattifies and absorbs excess oil, Can be used alone or under your favourite foundation or powder."

The primer itself is a thick gel that is best approached with a less is more approach as a little really does go 
a long way, one half pump of product is more than enough for my entire face and neck.
It feels light and oddly hydrating on the skin and is quickly absorbed into the skin settling to a matte velvet finish making it the perfect surface to go ahead and apply your base on top without any problems.

Most importantly the primer keeps my skin oil free for around 5 hours before little signs of oil creeps in
but my make-up does wear longer and looks better - sometimes around the 8 hour mark my base can
look a little patchy but when I use this as my primer it isn't the case and I can get a full 10 hours of wear.
This primer is perfect for oily skin and/or those prone to break outs as not only does it control oil
but due to it containing natural Witch Hazel extract it helps not only combat break out and prevents
future blemishes from appearing in the first place.

If you have oily, combination and/or blemish prone skin I highly suggest that this be your new purchase
as it really does work and it is very much budget friendly too!

Witch Skin Clearing Primer* 30ml/£6.99 but it is currently half price (£3.49) on the Superdrug website,
yep I have stocked up haha! - link