I realise that this post is probably one of the most bizarre posts I have ever put out there
but boils are not a laughing matter and if I can help someone find a quick and easy solution
to what can be a painful and down right irritating subject.

Okay time to over share so brace yourself...I am prone to spots on my back (yuck!)
that every now and then can morph into a big ass boil, for a while I did rely on what can only be described as an old wives solution - milk on a cotton pad to draw out the boil which did work to some degree
but really who wants to be walking around with cotton pads attached to themselves all day?
One day I had a really painful boil on my shoulder where my bra strap sat and no amount of milk 
was helping so I popped into my local chemist and asked what could I buy to help the matter.
She suggested Tiger Balm!

Tiger Balm?
Tiger Balm actually comes in a few forms namely red and white - red is more commonly used
as a natural pain relief be it for aching muscles or a headache, the white balm can also be used
on the muscles but is more commonly used for bug bites, clearing the nostril passage ways
and for drawing boils/blemishes.

Tiger Balm white is a thickly textured balm that has a medicinal scent (think Carmex Original but on steroids!) that you simply apply to the affected area and allow to work it's magic!
It has a slight warming sensation when applied to the skin but nothing uncomfortable 
and in my experience heals boils almost overnight so it is worth keeping a tin or two in your medical cabinet
for those just in case moments. 

If you suffer from the occasional boil then do yourself a favour and try this,
it's all I use now to treat such matters.

Tiger Balm £4.70/19G via Boots - link
but do check out your local pound shops as that is where I bought my latest tin!