Friday, July 27, 2012

Hayfever Saviours!

I know I am not alone with the dreaded summer curse that is better known as Hayfever!
Streaming, itchy, red painful eyes and lots of sneezing tend to be what my days consist of from late May
all the way through until around late August which is not fun at all.
Luckily this is not my first rodeo and I do have a few products that I would like to share
with all fellow pollen allergy suffers to hopefully make it a little more bearable for you!

Eye Slices - Happy Eyes

I'm sure some will say wait a moment aren't these just fancy manufactured slices of cucumber or cold tea bags, well yes they tap into the same idea - a soothing slice for the eye but that really is where the comparisons end. 
Cucumber actually stings my eyes so it was always out of the question and cold tea bags are about as appealing to me as a kick up the bum so the Eye Slices have been a long time coming as far as i'm concerned. Basically Eye Slices are re-usable non- toxic gel/jelly like slices that you pop on your eyes to solve a whole array of problems - the version best suited for myself is the Happy Eyes version as they  
been specially designed for allergy suffers like myself! 
They soothe and calm irritated eyes, reduce puffiness, cool and stop further irritations, after a really bad hayfever bout you will thank your lucky stars for these little babies!
For an extra soothing treat keep your Eye Slices in the fridge.

To find out more and for stockists visit the site - link.

Clinique All About the Eyes Serum

In my opinion any product you repurchase as soon as you have finished it is worth writing about more than once and this is very much the case with Clinique All About the Eyes Serum.
There is countless roll on serum style products out there but most sting my eyes or are simply too intense
for my delicate eye area but not Clinique All About the Eyes Serum.
The metal roller ball soothes and massages the entire eye area all the while cooling and reducing any puffiness, what makes this a total winner in my book is that it is non greasy, absorbs instantly
and works over or under make-up wonderfully resulting in it being a fabulous product for on the go ladies!

Clinique All About the Eyes Serum 15ml/£21 - link

L'Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Eye Cream

This is a fairly new addition to my beauty routine and one I keep for popping on just before I go to bed.
Everyone should use a good eye cream regardless of their age and yes this particular one is targeted
for those who want anti-ageing properties but that is not my reason for using it.
I like L'Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Eye Cream because it has a metal nozzle to dispense the cream on to the eyes which also aides in the application as the metal tip cools and messages the eye area.
The actual cream itself is not too shabby either it's just the right consistency not too thin that it is more a serum and not too thick/heavy that is too rich for the delicate skin of such area. 
I find L'Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Eye Cream to moisturise and hydrate well and it doesn't leave my skin tight or uncomfortable either as for the anti-ageing element I sadly can not comment.

L'Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Eye Cream 15ml/£19.99 - link

Obviously medication is another thing I would recommend but as I am not a doctor i'm clearly not qualified to recommend anything but what I will say is that an air humidifier has been the one thing that has kept me sane this summer. My hayfever is at it's worst come nightfall so I tend to switch on my humififer an hour before I go to bed and I find I get a better sleep with less sneezing bouts!

Do you have an allergy/hayfever tips?

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  1. I suffer for really itchy eyes with hayfever and I use a cool gel eye mask which I put in the fridge and that works wonders. I swear by the tablets from the chemist aswell!


  2. Gawd, i've been terrible today. Not had any hayfever tablets and couldn't get anywhere to get any.
    I've had watery eyes, sneezing, blowing of nose and sore throat all day.
    When i saw this posting i jumped out of my chair a little.

    Those pads look bliss!

    1. Oh gosh :( I hope today has been a better day for you hayfever wise!

  3. I have a natural remedy tip which has worked wonders: A teaspoon of very local honey every day! The honey needs to be very local to where you live, I get mine from a farm 10 miles away so that the bees use the same pollen as that which causes the hay fever. A family member who had the worst hay fever I've experienced (daily anti histamines, eye drops, nose spray etc etc, and still spent half the day in bed exhausted by the sneezing) is actually enjoying his summer for the first time since he was tiny. He has the windows open, he goes out for the day, all thanks to the wonder honey cure!

    1. Oh wow that is so clever and not something I have ever heard of, I'm seriously going to look into that for next year. Sincerely thank you, here's hoping it works for me :)

  4. These are some great products, and I'm sure this post will help a great many people! I used to suffer from hayfever, but thankfully grew out of it, but I fly long haul from time to time and I think these products would provide some relief in that situation too!
    Mel x

    1. You are so lucky, I didn't have it as child/teenage but as soon as I hit 20 BOOM it showed up! Cool so glad it helps non suffers too :)

  5. pardon my ignorance but its my first time to hear about hayfever. i live in a particularly summer OR rain country and i feel blessed to not have experienced it yet. :D

    1. Hay fever is allergic rhinitis,caused by grass pollen may be you call it a different way.

    2. Thank you Edna :) every day is a school day isn't it :)

  6. I use Visine multi-symptom relief that's it. But I tend to forgot them at home so I suffer during the day a lot. People might think I'm crying all the time or I'm in drugs. My eyes get so watery and red. Sometimes I go to the ladies room and really cry to made my own tears to clear my eyes because its really painful.

    1. That pretty much sounds like my day to day life too. I hope yours clears up soon!

  7. This is such a good post, I have never suffered with hayfever but this year!! Argh red swollen puffy eyes galore and it makes the day so much harder to handle :( Thanks for the product reviews and info, I'm so intrigued by the clinque roll-on, I love my clinique products :D - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


    1. thank you :) aww no :( I LOVE the clinique roll on it;s my favourite eye product haha :)

  8. Great post, my eyes suffer hugely from hayfever so these will come in handy!
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  9. Hummm... I'm looking for that eye slices... My partnet has a nearly permanent problem with allergy and his eyes. Maybe it helps :)

    1. If you can source them I do think your partner would benefit from them :)

  10. Great post! I've been wondering about the clinique eye-roller serum, do you feel it helped anything with dark-cricles, as that is something it claims to help against?


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