I am obsessed with my newest make-up bag!
Soft squishy genuine black leather with a cute heart zip and custom printing on both sides,
really what is not to love?
It's roomy, cute and most importantly custom made just for me...don't I feel special!

I was recently contacted by Bags of Love and asked if I would like to design and review an item,
Bags of Love offer lots of products such as handbags, laptop cases and more
but I knew from the get go that I wanted a custom bag with The Sunday Girl logo front and centre!

On one side I have my logo on a black background and on the other I have a pink themed cosmetic photo
to tap into not only the pink accent of the Sunday Girl logo but also my make-up obsession!
The other reason for the cosmetic image on the bag is to give the illusion of being able to see into my bag.
The images are printed to such a high standard that I was truly blown away when I opened my parcel
I was truly gobsmacked and have had pretty much everyone near and dear fawn all over my new bag.

The actual make-up bag is well constructed with perfect stitching, no loose stitches a strong and sturdy zip.
The dimensons are 20 x 14 x 5cm so it is on the roomy side, each image is printed on to satin
and you can choose how you would like your bag finished (sides) in either Italian Leather or Vinyl
in an array of colour choices. 
Should...actually when your make-up bag becomes a little dirty due to a product explosion (we've all been there) or just through general use it is easily cleaned with a quick sponge down.

I am truly in love with it and will be making excuses to pull my new bag out in public 
at the first opportunity haha! 

Prices start at £35 and can be ordered via Bags of Love* - link,
delivery is really speedy mine took 2 days to get to me and I live in Scotland!