Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The London Eye!

Excuse the lame pun of a title but sometimes I can't contain myself!
As you may well be aware the Olympic Games 2012 kick off this Friday
and if you live in the UK there is no escaping it all!
Anyway i'm a sucker for a novelty item or ten and the "London Lash" by PAPERSELF celebrates
not only the Olympics but also the landmarks of London...pretty cool huh?

"Do you recognize these attraction sights in London?
To celebrate London Olympics and to mark this honor, PAPERSELF, the world’s leading wearable paper-art brand for lashes, has created the “London Lash”."

The lashes are pretty cute but extremely flimsy so if you are all fingers and thumbs get a friend to apply them
or you will rip and damage the lashes as they are constructed completely from paper!
I had every intention of showing you all the lashes on but as soon as I applied one of the lashes to my 
lids, my eye began to stream and sting! I'm not blaming PAPERSELF so please don't fret about purchasing these or any PAPERSELF lashes in the future I think it was a combination of eyelash glue and my hay fever.
So yeah what was supposed to be a funky eye look resulted in me looking like a Panda after a messy break up!Speaking of glue the lashes do not come supplied with any so you will have to purchase some before hand, just a heads up!

Can you see yourself wearing the London Lash?

PAPERSELF ar giving away a complete collection of their eyelashes and lots more prizes
find out how you can enter and more by visiting their Facebook page - link

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  1. Thanks for a great blog! Great for a beauty junkie like me! Have you ever tried the swedish brand Make Up STore? I work for them in there store in Westfield London och would be fun to see what you think.

  2. These are super cute!! :)


  3. These are so cute and very unique. I think paper lashes are one of those guilty pleasures of mine~ I like the concept but i don't think that i would ever wear them because they are so delicate and i will always be scared that they may be blown away or something hehe. Thanks for sharing though and i'm looking forward to the olympics :)

  4. super cute! will have to check these out! gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  5. I NEED this!! I love anything British and I am so excited for the games. Wish we could have seen it on!

  6. would never wear them but they're so cute and dainty!

  7. These are so so so so cute! I'm def getting my brother to get one of these for me!

  8. They look so cute and pretty! I couldnt bear to wear them on my eyelashes just because i'm afraid i'd tear them or something.

  9. I think I'd be way too scared of breaking them. I am so horrible at putting on lashes as it is, never mind making them paper delicate hahaha.

  10. so cute, I´ve got a horse like one! thanks for sharing

  11. They are so sweet. Really cool lashes.

  12. I can't recognize any of these locals but they are still very cute! D: I'm sorry about the troubles getting them on. Hope your Hay Fever is better now!


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