Escada Rockin' Rio - My Summer Scent


My staple or signature scent if you will is Alien by Thierry Mugler more often or not
that is what I will spritz on myself and clothes as I live in a wet, dull city a heavy scent
isn't all that out of place but on the odd day we get a sunny spell I do feel the night for a brighter, lighter scent
and in my opinion no brand quite encapsulate the spirit of sunshine and good times like Escada!

Escada Rockin' Rio has been around for a good few years now and is a yearly limited edition,
in my experience Debenhams has always came out tops when it comes to sourcing this scent
especially if you enjoy a good gift with purchase deal every now and then, I must have about four
Escada beach towels by now haha!
I actually bought my bottle in duty free and although I got a great deal I do wish I waited until back
in the UK so I could have bought the large 100ml bottle...oh well you live and learn!

"Rockin' Rio - Inspired by the ultimate holiday cocktail - the Pina Colada, and the best of fun times in the sun in Rio de Janeiro. Rockin' Rio has a sweet yet fresh and fruity character - achieved via the combination of tropical coconut and pineapple - that drives its uniqueness amongst the Spring/Summer collection"

Do not fear the description yes it is inspired by a cocktail but it is not sickly sweet,
yes it is fruity but it does not smell like you have rolled around in a fruit cocktail and survived to tell the tale.
In my opinion the coconut accords are over powered by the pineapple and with a slight whiff of passionfruit.
If you enjoy the likes of The Body Shop and fruity scented body products but wish they were slightly more
refined then may I point you in the direction of Escada Rockin' Rio?

I promise it won't disappoint and is one to have at hand for any sunny day that may come your way!

Escada Rockin' Rio £22-£33/30ml/50ml/100ml via Debenhams - link


  1. I love Escada perfumes so much. I had one called 'Sunset Heat' about 5 years ago and wore it on my first date with Connor. He complimented how nice I smelled and the rest is history! I wear it every so often and he always remembers it. It's pretty hard to pick up now but I think they all smell pretty similar anyways! Fruity perfumes are my favourite xxx

  2. love escada summer scents!

  3. I love Escada perfumes, they're all so amazing (I think I've smelled one I didn't like so far). x

  4. mmm love escada perfumes. will have to smell this one next time I stop at a department store. thanks for the review! gigi.

  5. I have to say I wasn't a fan on this, on the first whiff I loved it but then I felt I smelt like tropical juice. I was going to buy it duty free as well, but opted for Prada Candy :)



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