Wednesday, July 25, 2012

imPress Press-On Manicure in Vamp it Up - Review

I'm sure most will have saw the recent ad campaign by imPress fronted by Nicole Scherzinger?
Do I beileve she uses these press on I heck but after a flurry of positive reviews
and impressive (no pun intended) results I was intrigued to try out the new fad for myself
and picked up the brightest set of imPress nails I could guts no glory!

The packaging is pretty funky, the false nails are included within a large nail polish shaped container
that flips open for easy access and storage of the nails. Normally when I have finished a product I put
the empty packaging out for recycling when possible but in this case I really am tempted to hold on to 
the case and find another purpose for it!

Each pack of imPress nails comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes which should fit most natural nails,
truthfully I struggled most of the nails happened to be too broad for my natural nails and tended to
overlap and stick to the edges of my finger, i'm sure not everyone will have this problem but I thought
i'd mention it all the same. Another slight problem I had was that the press on nails are pretty short so if like myself you have fairly long nails be prepared to have to file down a few!

There is lots of designs to choose from in the imPress press on nail range from natural to bright neons!
I went for the Vamp it Up design which I know will not be to everyone's taste
but hey it's nice to wear something a little bright and tacky every once and a while!

Unlike previous press on nails I have tried these are fairly thin and have a slight flexibly to them
resulting in the false nails feeling fairly natural and not as stiff as others when applied.
The application steps are really easy, remove any old polish, dry nails then give them a quick wipe over with 
the wipe provided, select imPress nail size that best fits your own nail size, peel off the backing 
and press firmly down on to the nail. In all honesty it is really straight forward although I do suggest having someone close by to help peel off the nail backings as the more nails you apply the trickier it becomes!

ImPress claim that their press on manicure can last up to 7 days but for me personally that is
not realistic as after two days a few nails began to pop off. You could reattach them with nail glue
but for me that defeats the purpose, I should stress that I am fairly hard on my nails so for someone
who has no problems with nail polish chipping they could well last a good 5 days or so!
While speaking of removal that too was straight forward, I simply peeled the false nails off
and no damage was done to my natural nails.

All in all a fun experience and one I would repeat if my natural nails lacked the length I desired
or I wanted a fun manicure for an event then I would definitely repurchase.

Are you a fan?

ImPress Press On Manicure kits are available from Superdrug and Boots - link
and cost £8.99 per pack.

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  1. Love them, they're so bright and colorful! I've never tried press on nails, but i like how they look!


  2. the case looks great for keeping earrings in - and i'm tempted to buy these, but for the price i could get an actual nail polish!

    1. I agree :) yep very true...I think the black versions may be a little cheaper?

  3. Thanks for review, been tempted to try but they do look too wide and my nails are quite narrow :( x

    1. No problem. yeah I had that problem they swamp my narrow nails which sucks as they had so much potential!

  4. I really want to try these, they look so easy and not at all obvious that they're stuck on, which is my main problem with most false nails. My only problem is that I change my nails so much I'd get bored too quickly which seems like a waste of a good product! x

    1. Oh me too! I hate overly obvious fake nails and feel these look that way on me. Haha I'm like that...I get fed up too easily!

  5. I tried these the other day too and loved them. they are a little pricey though!
    x x

    1. I agree I thought they would be around the £5 mark but nope haha!

  6. I've never tried them... I haven't seen them here... I have very thin nails, do you think it could damage them?

    1. I saw lots in Palma so I think they will make it over to you soon :) nope they are not damaging at all surprisingly :)

  7. cool! these look so fun. do they have regular manicure colors like french and bright pink...thats what I usually go for. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  8. Super cute!! Love that design and the packaging.

  9. I absolutley loved mine, I'm going to run to boots on friday to repurchase on payday ahah! Mine lasted 9 days and only two popped off but I found another two in the pack to use in place of them so no regluing etc. Now I've taken them off I will re glue them in future but I definitley recommend them! You're choice of style are so fun!! I hadn't seen those before in boots so I will have to keep an eye out :)

  10. really wanting to try some of these! so many amaazing versions.

  11. I loved these, they lasted over a week for me!

  12. Great review, they sound nice but for the price and effort of making them fit my nails I'd rather just get polish which I can use again and again. These seem good for special occasions though
    Daniella x

  13. I tried these from a beauty box and i had some pop off within the first day, but saying that im quite hard on my nails too! I like the different designs they do though x

  14. They look fab !!!! I have small nails so i doowttt they will fit me !! :(

  15. I bought the pink ones and didn't get on very well with them. The were slightly raised at my cuticles and got caught on my daughter's hair!

  16. I used these exact ones and they lasted 8 days for me! and that's when I removed them myself, so I never actually had one fall off.
    I was really impressed :)

  17. I love these, but like you I would struggle with the width of the nails. I have tiny fingernails and so these would just look like a kid that's raided their mum's dressing up box on my hands! Love the design though :)


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