Of course a soak in the bath is more indulgent and often more appealing but to kick start the morning
or when time is of the essence a quick blast under a powerful shower is the best cleansing option.
I don't often talk about Soap & Glory products mainly because I haven't tried that many items from
their vast range ( I still haven't got round to picking up some of their cosmetic items) but what I have tried
have slowly but surely wriggled their way into my affections or at least pride of place in my shower!

Soap & Glory have a distinctive packaging style in which pretty much every item in the range
comes presented in sugary pink plastic tubs or tubes which a slight vintage pin up feel thanks to
the black and white female imagery that accompanies the products.
Another well know or trademark element if you will from Soap & Glory is the scent each product
is fragrenced with. I'm sure some love the scent and others loathe it, personally i'm not swayed one way
or the other. Much like the packaging it is distinctive and feminine and best summed up I'd say it is a blend
of both floral and aquatic accords, it is rather difficult to sum up so I do suggest testing a Soap & Glory
product before jumping to any scent based conclusions haha!

Anyway on to what I use in the shower...

Soap & Glory Flake Away - Body Scrub

Nothing gets the blood flowing and awakens me quite like a good body scrub
and in my opinion the best body scrubs are those that have a gritty texture.
This particular scrub has the most perfect consistency, a thick jelly like substance that is littered with 
well sized gritty particles with a slight only feel that buff the skin to a state of smoothness. 
As I mentioned the base that the scrub is suspended in is slightly oily but it does wash off a
and doesn't leave behind any yucky residue.
Due to it being a thicker scrub it is rather concentrated so a little goes a long way
but it is powerful enough to pretty much scrub away any fake tanner based mishaps!
For an extra strength scrub use this with a body brush and prepare to be dazzled.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter - Body Butter

After a good scrub you have to replenish any lost moisture and this is where The Righteous Butter steps in.
The Righteous Butter is a lighter than air formula which moisturises the skin without being heavy
or taking forever and a day to settle into the skin.
I particularly like to use this formula after a dip in the pool as I find it restores my skin particularly 
my legs from the drying effect that chlorine tends to have.
It can also double up as a hand cream in cases of emergencies!

Do you have any must have Soap & Glory products?

You can pick up the entire range of Soap & Glory products from Boots - link