Instead of waffling on like I usually do I'm simply going to go straight on to the products I intend
to rotate into my daily routine for the next upcoming seven days.

I have selected Sleek's Flamingo blush as I tend to steer away from pink blushes and I do want to try
and get out of my everything must be coral based mind set. Another blush I have settled on is Mac Stunner
which is a lighter pink blush with a slight golden accent, basically a lighter version of Nars Orgasm.
For my highlight I have went with Vivo's baked bronzer in Healthy Glow which is a light golden bronze
shade that brightens any mid toned complexion. I also plan on completing a half used mini tube of the Porefessional by Benefit which is pretty much a staple product for me when in full size!

This week is an eyeshadow week I can feel it in my bones haha! With that being said I have selected a beautiful smoky palette full of neutral eyeshadows by MUA which is labelled as the Undressed palette.
I have also decided I will make used of my Mac Paradisco eyeshadow at some point. Truthfully I am not all that happy with my mascara choice - 17 Blow Out Mascara as it is pretty underwhelming but i've opened it
and lord help me I will finish it!

Two Mac lipsticks both of which are favourites for many and shades that when released sell out pretty swiftly too all this and yet i'm not completely sold on either shade! Mac Peachstock is often released with limited edition collections but it is a Pro shade anyway it is a super light nude come peach shade that I can not wear on it's own, for me this is a shade I use to tone down other lip shades! Mac Cut a Caper is a shade I lusted after for many a year yet once I finally got it, it was very much an anti-climatic experience. Yes it is a pretty coral shade but it shows up pretty yellow on my lips and is not all that original or special in colour.

So that is my choices for the week upcoming!