Sunday, July 29, 2012

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Range - Review

I'm pretty sure with the Olympic Games now in full swing many of us (myself included)
will be inspired to take up a new sport or simply hit the gym more often
and when there is sport there tends to be aching muscles!

Deep Heat which I am sure most of us will be familiar with in some sense have launched a new range of 
products each infused with Vanilla and Rosemary for aching muscles and joints!
growing up I danced, swam and participated in Gymnastics so it is fair to say I have had a few pulled
muscles and injuries along the way and I can recall with found memories my grandmother spritzing my legs
with a red can of Deep Heat to help calm any pulled calf muscles.

In the range there is a neck and shoulder cream which comes in a squeeze style tube and foam applicator
for ease of application not only is this great for sport related issues but wonderful if you have been
hunched over a desk all day or have a crick in your neck, it self heats and targets the target area,
relieving the pain issue and works wonderfully at releasing any tension in such area.
Any person out there who has ever experienced the 30 day shred or taken part in a boot camp
exercise programme will thank their lucky stars for Deep Heat's Muscle Rescue Bath Soak!
Combined with warm water this gentle soothes and washes away the aches and pains of a vigorous work out, it particularly works well before bed after a long day in 5 inch heels!

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Range* is available from most Supermarkets 
and Chemists with prices starting at £5.29.

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  1. love your very timely review. i havent tried that yet as its not available locally but i do use Oleia. not sure if you're familiar w it

  2. Sounds fab, I hope it smells better than the stuff in the can - can't stand that!

  3. Ahhh this sounds heavenly! I could really do with some of this right about now!

  4. Oh wow I really fancy trying this. Does it smell any different?


  5. I hope it smells better than the original. It would be nice to have something less strong. Another place i found that had a great product for pulled calfs (which i get when i run) is It comes in a kit and has all i need to help me.

  6. i dont need to buy this but bloody hell, i want to buy this just for the packaging. wow
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  7. Have you used the bath stuff? I run quite a lot and find myself with sore legs sometimes so use the deep heat rub but something I could use in the bath would be wonderful! But if the smell is the same I may as well keep with the rub :)

    Thanks for posting! x


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