I am quite a recent convert to lipstick, before I just put on a bit of gloss or lip balm 
and I was good to go. However, over the last 5 months or so I have become addicted to lipstick. 
I love discovering new brands, and as I live somewhere which only has small shops, 
I miss out on a lot of products. 

I went to Cardiff recently and came across “Natural Collection” in Boots. The first thing I noticed was 
the prices. £1.99 for a lipstick?! It had me wondering whether the price was so low for a reason. 
I picked up a pink colour and a red colour to try out.

I love the simplicity of the packaging, although I know that this may put some people off as it does 
not look as crisp and sophisticated as some other brands. I find that this stands out in my collection 
though as most other packaging is black.

“Pink Orchid” is this lovely pink shade which has some shimmer to it. This is perfect for summer, as 
although I love matte colours, it is nice to have some shimmery shades for the nice weather. The 
lipstick is also extremely moisturising, and I found that my lips felt amazing whilst wearing it, and 
also after the colour had worn off. 

For such a cheap product, I expected the colour to rub off quickly and not last very well. 
However, this lasted a good 4 hours and that included eating and drinking. 
It did lose a bit of shine, but for £1.99 I couldn't fault it. 

Indoors and under flash conditions, the colour is a nice deep pink colour, and you can really notice 
the amount of moisture it gives to the lips. I think it must have some blue undertones too as it 
makes your teeth look extremely white…which is always good! 

Thank you Sarah for the great post…what a bargain for such a wonderful colour! 
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