While in Duty Free at Glasgow airport I noticed a stand featuring four new DKNY Be Delicious scents
and instead of being a spin on their usual Apple scents (Carmel Apple anyone?)this time four very famous worldwide locations are immortalised in perfume form.

I heart london
I heart NYC

I heart Paris
I Heart Rio
I did test all four scents (Eau de Parfumes) and the only one that really spoke to me was the Rio version, none the less I have provided the notes/accords of all four scents above before giving a brief review of I Heart Rio which you can find just below! 
The bottles still have the chunky apple shape but feature a black skyline of the chosen city
on the lid...very chic!

As mentioned I had a brief sniff of each scent in the airport and recall thinking that the NYC version
is most like the original Be Delicious scent (the first green bottle), Paris was more floral and I found London to be the strongest and definitely one that will be hit and miss with the masses. Rio is the lightest and the version that veers more fruity and one that most will find appealing especially fans of Escada scents as that is what it reminds me of. Oddly three of the four scents do not smell Apple based at all and you may or may not be pleased to know that in my opinion they all smell very differently so you could own all four new scents and not be mistaken for wearing the same scent.

Prices will vary when they launch at the end of this month my 50ml bottle cost £38 (Duty Free)
so I'd imagine prices to start at at around £35 for the 30ml version.

Are you excited to try any of the four new Be Delicious I Heart scents?