Not so long ago I announced that The Body Shop would be hopping on to the BB Cream band wagon
with their own version that will be available in three shades when they launch next month.
Today I have the mid toned shade (02) to share my thoughts on.

I don't have all that much to say about the packaging other than that it reminds me of hand cream so 
do be careful and don't blindly apply the first squeeze style tube you find in your hand bag or you could end
up with a mess on your hands...literally!

The BB Cream itself is a light and thin textured liquid that is white with tiny beads of pigment that burst when you apply the product to the skin - in this aspect and the texture The Body Shops BB Cream is very similar to L'Oreal's Lumi Magique BB Cream, personally I prefer the thicker BB Creams out there as generally speaking they offer better coverage.

As mentioned I was sent shade 02 which has colour adaptive technology - it blends to match most mid tone so I have high hopes that the deep colour option (03) will suit black skin tones rather
than just being another shade for tanned ladies.

To be truthful the coverage of The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream is more akin to a good tinted moisturiser than it is to the Eastern/Asian BB Cream formulas.
It is not all that great for covering blemishes be the scars or spots but it does even out the skin tone
without being heavy or caking nor does it settle into fine lines or enlarged pores making it a great option for the warmer months or for those good skin days when you don't really need much coverage.
The formula is very hydrating but not so much that oily skins such as mine need to worry,
it wore appropriately for around 8 hours with primer and a light dusting of setting powder
and to the best of my knowledge contains no sunscreen but I do need to confirm that.

Are you excited to try this particular BB Cream out?*