Cast your mind back a few posts where I attempted to detect I Love...Cosmetic's
newest scent launch using only my nose and a blank sample bottle.
I felt I could detect Mango and said it was fruity and reminded me instantly of summer so I guess I wasn't
completely out of the ball park?

Anyway without further ado let me unveil the new scent....Calypso Dreams!
Calypso Dreams is a "fruity cocktail of citrus and passion fruit is just enough to get the party started!",
doesn't that sound yummy? 
Well let me tell you that it is and just what the doctor ordered for this so called excuse of a British summer.

Hot foot it to Superdrug to pick up your bottle or treat yourself to the super cute travel kit
which is ideal for packing in your case for any summer travels!

Have you tested Calypso Dreams yet?*