"25 years of freshness, vitality and well-being!
This red, sparkle-encrusted limited edition bottle is here to celebrate 25 years of Eau Dynamisante, the very first Treatment Fragrance created in 1987 that combines the fragrance and skin care benefits of plants with the virtues of aromatherapy and phytotherapy to "feel good and smell great."
It tones, revitalises and delicately scents the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. 
Safe in the sun, it is non-photosensitising."

First of all have you ever seen a prettier bottle? 
I know we are supposedly in the midst of summer but this bottle reminds me of all things Christmas!
Glitter fiends will find it hard to skip on this ruby red extravaganza.
That aside Clarins Eau Dynamisante has a strong herbal and lemon scent - essential oils of Lemon, Patchouli, Petit Grain, Ginseng and White Tea form this scent making it suitable for both male and female wear.
I have to be truthful and say that it's not really the type of fragrance I go for and deem it a little mature for my personal taste but it is pleasant and fresh and something an older woman would appreciate.

Eau Dynamisante is the first fragrance and body treatment in one spa-fresh formula.
Aside from scenting the skin it tones and revitalises in one quick step not to mention that it is safe to wear in the sun nor will the heat/light alter the scent.

If you like Clarins Eau Dynamisante or want to try the scent out for the first time then now is the time to do
it as the bottle is truly special.

Clarins Eau Dynamisante Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Edition £29/100ml* - link