Today I am channelling my inner Geri Halliwell and decided to try out Nailease's Union Jack Nail Wraps,
it's funny how iconic that dress became considering Ms Halliwell stitched it up herself!
Anyway enough about the Spice Girls and on to some patriotic nail wraps which really couldn't be more apt for tonight's Olympic opening ceremony!

Truthfully I was never a fan of nail wraps up until last week when I tried out Nailease's diamanté wraps
which you can read about here - link. Unlike other wraps I have tried these apply with such ease that you may well find yourself hooked - i'm already planning on purchasing a few packs!
I think the secret to the Nailease wraps is that they are slightly thicker than other brands which make them
more robust and easier to apply and file down and most importantly they do not require heat.
I am the least skilled nail person (not to mention impatient) in the world and even I find them a breeze so you know application must be pretty straight forward!

Basically each pack comes with 20 various sized nail wraps that are essentially long nail shaped stickers with one end having a rounded edge and the other blunt,a small nail file and a cuticle stick.
To apply ensure your nails are clean and polish free, choose the size that best fits each nail and using the rounded edge apply to the nail (cuticle first). Next you smooth the wraps down as best as you can and fold over the blunt edge at the end of the nail. Using the provided nail file you basically saw/file off the excess nail sticker. After that I like to use the various ends of the cuticle stick to push out any lumps and bumps
and then apply a quick coat of clear nail polish to prolong wear!

 Doesn't that sound easy? Honestly the Nailease wraps are a breeze to use and I found the more
I use them the easier they go on and the better my results turn out to be... practise makes perfect.

Have a great Olympic Friday everyone :) 
Nailease Union Jack Foil Nail Wraps £6.99* - link