Get the Look Cheryl Cole in Under the Sun Music Video

26 July 2012

Admittedly I wasn't a huge fan of Cheryl Cole up until her release of "Call My Name" single,

I think it was the swan dive on The Voice, the neon get ups and the funky dancing that sealed the deal.
However make-up wise for a long, long time she has never really set a foot wrong and I am a huge
fan of her polished yet glamorous make-up looks.

I simply must get my hands on the Glam Bronze Wild's (one of which is featured above) but have yet
to see them in store!

Do you rate Cheryl Cole's make-up style?


  1. here in Greece this bronzers were not released by their own but only as a "gift" when purchasing two rouge caresse lipsticks, it's quite nice actually

    1. Ah that could explain why I can't find them...thank you :)

  2. love true match make up! my fave! <3

  3. I used to use true match, however, no matter what I do or used I wouldn't come anywhere close to looking as good as Cheryl! (as much as I dislike her, she does have the most amazing hair) :)

    1. Haha a girl can dream eh :) yes she does have amazing hair!

  4. I like this look and I need the bronze in my life too - its gorgeous!! Xx

  5. Cheryl always does look perfectly polished! Can't fault that! Xo

  6. I'm loving the makeup but unfortunately not too keen on her. Can't always win ha :) xox

  7. The Glam Bronzes are stocked in Superdrug as far as i know; i did purchase one but didn't rate it much as the shimmer you can see on top only lasts for one sweep over it and then it is a matte bronzer from then on!


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