A Summer Scent 

Hi everyone, I'm Lisa from Pearls and Pyjamas. 

I'm so excited to be doing a guest post review, of a lovely summer fragrance I recently picked up, for The Sunday Girl Blog, one of my daily must reads. So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy.

When it comes to perfumes I’m really quite particular, I know what I like and I tend to stick too it. My all time favourites, and the two fragrances I have been using for years, are Chanel Chance and Emporio Armani She. But, I guess both would be described as being on the ‘heavier’ side of the fragrance spectrum and on the few warm days we’ve had, and with holidays in mind, I’ve been wanting something a bit lighter and fresher for during the day. 

I’ve had a couple of £5 off Boots fragrance vouchers floating about my bag for a few weeks now and when I was shopping the other day, I had a look to see if there was anything that took my fancy. 

I didn’t want to spend too much, which would defeat the fact that I was only really buying to take advantage of the offer, so, when I spotted Davidoff Cool Water Wave 30ml Eau de Toilette already at ½ price, £10.27, I decided to pick it up. With my voucher, I got it for £5.27. 

Paraben Free 

This is a fresh floral fragrance, with a hint of citrus, but certainly not sweet – I can’t stand sickly sweet floral scents! It’s much lighter than what I would normally wear, but still strong enough that it lasts on the skin. The bottle is also the perfect size for carrying around in my handbag. 

I’m actually quite impressed with this perfume, it’s not something I would have chosen had it not been for the voucher, but I’m glad I did. I can even see myself re-purchasing when I run out. 

So if your looking for a reasonable priced everyday fragrance, then I’d recommend giving this a go, even more so if you have a Boots voucher to hand. 

Thank you Lisa, what a great post and who doesn't love a bargain?
I can vouch that Davidoff Cool Water Wave is a fresh aquatic scent
that is prefect for a balmy day and at that price who could resist!
Check out Lisa's blog here - link.