At home I do not have bath (don't worry I don't hose myself off in the back garden we have a wet room)
so when presented with one I take full advantage of it
and that usually involves a trip or two to Lush for all the bath bombs I can carry!
Sadly my last trip to Lush was to a rather small store which didn't stock a massive array of products
but I did pick up some of the most popular bath products by Lush to review and enjoy!

The Fizzbanger

"Inspired by Roald Dahl’s book The BFG, this ballistic is Jack’s interpretation of what a Fizzbanger Dream would look like in a bath. He also wanted to create the effect of a spinning Catherine Wheel firework.
Do you remember the perfume Love, from our sister company B Never? Well, Simon reworked it for Jack to put in this ballistic. He used the apple part of the fragrance for the outer layers, with cinnamon notes in the inner core. Once both parts are dissolved, your bath will smell of apple pie, summer harvest and young love."

I have yet to met a person who dislikes The Fizzbanger and isn't the inspiration behind it pretty sweet?
I used to be Ronald Dahl crazy, I owned, read and loved every single book and to this day James
and the Giant Peach is one of my favourite films. Should I ever have kids I will re-live the magic with them! Anyway this large yellow ball, sizzles and fizzles like a rocket in the bath and features a zesty citrus fresh scent..Not only does it fizz in the bath but it also changes colour from yellow to blue, tinting and softening the water as it goes and just when you think it is all over a little note-let pops out of the bath bomb exclaiming "BANG!". All in all a lovely refreshing treat for a cosy dip in the tub!

Ickle Baby Bot

"Very young babies can develop urinary tract irritations when harsh products are used in their bathwater. This was the main reason behind Mo inventing ballistics in the first place. She wanted to inject some fun into babies’ bath times and unleash the power of benign essential oils, without having strong foaming agents or chemicals. And so the bath bomb was born.
This softens the water, disperses the oils and brings fizzing fun – without any of the risks."

Yes this is intended for young children and babies but adding one to any bath results in a skin softening
bath that prepares you for a great relaxing sleep. Much like any bed time product this has a slight lavander type scent, which when teamed with the pastel blue water you can't help but feel a little sleepy!
As Lush states this does soften the water and as a result the skin too, if you have trouble sleeping
this may be one to try.

Rose Queen Bath Bomb

"The scent is a light floral rosy accord, of rose absolute and geranium with amber notes of rock rose. The bathwater has a rosy pink glow with a sprinkling of tigerlily, apple blossom and larkspur petals adrift on the surface.Mo says this is a return to her old style ballistics; for times when you want nothing but an escape to simpler times of flowers, nature and innocent simplicity.Since getting their OBEs, Mark and Mo have had lots of requests to attend events. But none so welcome as an invite to the annual festival at the parish church where Mark grew up, to crown this year’s Rose Queen. The icing on the cake came when Mark met the local vicar and discovered he was wearing our Breath of God fragrance – he then introduced Mark to his daughter, who was wearing our Imogen Rose fragrance! With serendipity like that, you have to come home and invent a product to mark the event."

If you enjoy rose scented products then this is the bath bomb for you,
not only does it smell realistic rather than featuring an artificial rose scent but it also dispenses pretty rose petals into the water.Again this softens both the water and skin and did a leave my skin with a mild rose scent for a few hours afterwards. Out of all the Lush products I tested this time around this has to be the most indulgent, who doesn't want to feel special in a rose petal bath?
This is the product that I would gift to the females in my family if they required a little pick me up!

Think Pink 

We love using it every day – but it really comes into its own on those days when what you need is a tub of ice cream and a rom-com. So don’t cry on the stairs with a bottle of Absolut – instead lie in the bath and let our absolutes wrap you in a big pink hug.At Lush we spend most of our winter months inventing products. But we dream of Summer! Often that yearning shows through in the things we are making. On this occasion we were taking the advice from the song Think Pink, from the Audrey Hepburn film, Funny Face. 
The reassuring smell of tonka and vanilla, with a hit of neroli lifts you up; all wrapped in a pink and frivolous ballistic to stop you taking yourself too seriously.In the past this ballistic wasn’t vegan because of the ingredients in the candy flowers. But now they are suitable for vegans – because when you buy this many flowers, you can ask for the recipe to be changed!! So now, when vegans aren’t thinking cake, they can Think Pink.

If you are a girlie girl or have experienced a miserable day then this is the bath bomb for you as it won't fail to
put a big cheesy grin on your face! Much like the Fizzbanger this sizzles and fizzes all throughout  the water leaving behind a trail of pink until it eventually tints the entire bath water a bright pink!
If you are a fan of Lush's Christmas scent - Snow Fairy then you need a few of these in your bathroom
as the scent is almost identical. If you are unfamiliar with Snow Fairy or Think Pink for that matter think
of all things sweet and pink such as bubblegum and candy floss with a sugary sweet vanilla kick and you 
will have the general idea! Once think pink has dissolved not only is the water a bright crimson hue but
you will also have lots of tiny hearts in the tub to keep you company. Truthfully I didn't find this to do much to my skin but the scent alone is worth the money...please Lush release this in perfume form!

You've Been Mangoed 

"You can date our products and guess when we invented them by the bits of contemporary culture that inspired them. This one was invented at a time when our telly was full of adverts of men painted orange and doing naughty things. We wanted a similar wake up call, but delivered in a kinder way"

So the name of this bath melt is based on the You've Been Tango'd adverts, truthfully I don't recall
such promos all that much but  then again I do live in a bubble. I foolishly didn't realise that most bath melts contain Cocoa Butter and bunged one in my bath without a second thought, not a problem for most but when you are allergic to Cocoa Butter it is pretty silly. Luckily my skin didn't react too badly other than being a little tight and itchy which was kinda worth it as man was it a good bath! You've Been Mangoed is a scrummy blend of citrus fruits but the mango and lemograss notes prevail the most and scent the water into a magical fruity blend that Carmen Miranda herself would be proud of! If you are looking for an indulgent skin softening treat then Lush Bath Melts are the way to go, the blend of butters melt when in contact with warm water and cling to the skin to moisturise, soften, hydrate and scent the skin. If I wasn't allergic to Cocoa ButterI would use You've Been Mangoed as often as possible!

I'm off to a hotel in a few weeks time, is there any other bath products by Lush you would like me to review?

All items mentioned are available from most Lush stores and via their web store - link.

I apologise on behalf of my photos, the bath ones were taken with my Iphone
which I did rotate before uploading only for Blogger to re-rotate them back to their original state...grr!