One of Benefit's newest and exciting launches was the Ultra Plush Lip Gloss range 
and I for one couldn't wait to get my grubby mitts on a shade or two!
The idea is that the six shades of the new gloss range co-ordinate perfectly with the boxed powder namesakes, sadly not every box o' powder has a corresponding lip shade, Thrrob, Georgia, 10 and Hervana 
didn't make the cut this round but perhaps Benefit will expand to include such shades in the future.
While we are talking about the future matching lipsticks would also be swell Benefit...not that i'm dropping any hints or anything haha!

As mentioned the lip glosses have been designed to compliment the blush namesakes and i'm very pleased to say that Benefit have packaged them to complement the boxed blushes beautifully with each gloss featuring 
the same logo and coming presented in a box that is also very similar to the blushes.

The gloss is contained within a transparent squeeze style transparent tube that feels and looks more high end
than the majority of lip gloss style products on the market - logo and lid aside they are styled very similar
to the Juicy Tube line by Lancome.
The applicator is a slanted nozzle which is not only hygienic but also works very well when it comes to dispensing the gloss on to the lips and also evenly spreading it for even coverage.

Sugarbomb Plush Lip Gloss is officially listed as a "shimmering pinky nude" but in my opinion it is more of a dusky mid toned rose shade that leans rather on the cools side which is only reinforced by the silver shimmer particles - the particles are super fine, they add a radiant effect rather than a glitter finish and are not gritty or detectable in terms of sensation on the lips.
The colour is very sheer and looks much bolder and pigmented in the tube than it does on the lips 
so anyone and everyone can wear it, on my lips it adds a hint of a cool rosy tint
and in my opinion is best layered over a similar lip shade for maximum impact.

The formula of Benefit's Plush Lip Glosses are thick without being gloopy or sticky,
they sit well and comfortably on the lips without highlighting any cracks or imperfections.
Truthfully the glosses are really well formulated and do live up to the claim of feeling "silky and luxurious".
I was pretty surprised by how glossy the formula is they really do pack a punch in the shine stakes
which I guess makes up for the lack of pigmentation - not that I expected high colour pay off from a gloss.
I found Sugarbomb to have a lovely light fruity scent (tasteless on the lips), the shade and finish gave the illusion of larger lips and wore for a little over an hour when worn alone.

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Sugarbomb £13.50/15ml* - link