Now I am sure by now most will have some understanding of the Babyliss Big Hair Tool?
When it first launched much ado was made about it and the reviews were all glowing,
truthfully I never gave it much thought until after I gifted my friend with own for her birthday.
For the following week or so all I could do was admire her swishy, shiny perfectly styled hair
and cursed myself for gifting her with such a great product...jealous is a terrible trait isn't it?

After a week the urge became too much and I strolled into Argos and picked myself up one
with dreams of hair that could only be achieved at the hands of a good hairstylist.
What I did not take into account is the fact I have thicker than thick hair
that is wavy and pretty much uncontrollable on the best of days where as my friend has normal to fine
straight hair that doesn't require much work...this is why you should think before you buy!

It would be silly of me to post about the Babyliss Big Hair styler and not explain what it is or does!
Essentially it is an oversized round brush that not only rotates but also dispenses warm and cool
hair so that any style you create sets with minimal effort.
Using the tool on damp hair you can select the direction of rotation using two buttons and
also select the heat setting of the air flow too!

Now on fine limp hair it will not only gently buff your hair into a soft sleek style
but also add volume at the roots but on thicker hair you only really achieve the glossy finish
not that I am at all complaining as dyed blonde hair is often very difficult to achieve.
Truthfully the shorter the hair the better this will work and it is ideal for bobbed to shoulder length hair.
If you have curly hair i'm afraid I don't recommend this as their is not enough power in the tool
to straighten and polish anything tighter than loose waves but straight to wavy hair rejoice
as this will save you a small fortune of paying the hairdresser to wash and blow dry your hair sleek!

Have you tried the Babyliss Big Hair Styler, what are your thoughts?

Time Trial - I have used this one and off for a little over a fortnight.

Babyliss Big Hair £44.99 - link