I want to begin by stating that I don't actually feel that there is much wrong with the products 
that I am about to share but my current skin situation to blame for my lack of luck.
I have been using everything in my power to keep oil at bay and trust me it is an up hill struggle!
If it would be of interest to anyone I could rustle up a post about surviving the balmy months with oily skin?

Anyway on to what has not been working for me lately...

False Eyelashes - ALL BRANDS!
I have been struggling to get false eyelashes to sit properly on my lids for a good few weeks,
in the past I could pop them on in one swift move and they stayed put until I wanted to remove them
yet the last few weeks I have been having no luck, they seem to slide off or sit lopsided regardless of
the brand of the lashes or adhesive...for now I give up!

17 Wild Eye Metallic Eye Mousses
For the longest time I have been using 17 Wild Eye Mousses as a base for powder eye products
but lately they have been slipping and creasing like nobody's business as I was such a fan in the past
once again I am going to blame the balmy weather and try again when I am less oily...yuck I know!

17 Instant Glow Bronzing Powder L.E Union Jack Design
This was such a stunningly beautiful palette before I swirled a brush and removed the over spray the result
was a lack lustre mid toned bronzer that did next to nothing for my skin tone.

FashionistA Blushing Coral Blush
I have no issues with the formula or colour pay off but it irks me to the core that this is listed as a Coral shade when it clearly is a shocking pink hue. Note to self late night internet shopping is nearly always fatal.

Morrisons Bedtime Baby Wash
I am obsessed with bed time products but compared to the brand leader this one is pretty shoddy,
I understand that it is aimed at babies but that doesn't excuse that this has left me feeling sticky
and far from clean.

What products have you been body swerving this month?