Sadly I am quite hairy and the idea of home lazer style hair removal has always appealed to me.
So when asked to trial the new  HoMedics Me Quartz Permanent Hair Reduction I literally jumped at the chance,I mean who wouldn't want to be less hairy in as little as 7 treatments over 7 weeks!

I want to stress that yesterday was my first time trailing the system and have to admit it is pretty painless
and really straight forward to use, what more could you want?
As it is my first time I decide to start with a small area on my face and just see how things pan out.
Sadly only skin types 1-4 can use this for facial hair removal.

"HoMedics me Quartz is a fast way to permanent hair reduction. 
Suitable for ALL skin tones and supplied with a long-life 100,000 pulse elos cartridge, 
me Quartz safely provides permanent professional results in your own home."

So a quick run down on how it works:
Before treating the area you must ensure the area is clean and hair free.
After you have done that you switch the power button on and select the elos high, medium or low setting that is suitable for your skin type using the guide included, for reference I am most likely skin type 4 
and it is suggested that such skin type uses a the mid setting but it does state if that is uncomfortable you can switch it to the lowest setting and try the mid setting at a later date.

Next you take the applicator and ensure you are touching both the grip sensors and hold it lightly over the skin surface, do not press down and the system will begin emitting elos pulses. You glide it over the entire area you are treating and do not hold it in the same place for longer that 10 seconds.
Each area that you are treating has a time guideline and for the face it is 2 minutes.
Admittedly this does sound a little complicated but it really is straight forward and not at painful.

After you have finished your treatment you rinse the skin with warm water
and then apply a moisturiser or aloe vera gel. I highly recommend the latter as it will minimise any redness
or discomfort to the area none of which I experienced with my first trial.

Now 24 hours have passed I have no redness or discomfort what so ever
and found my first spin with the system to be comfortable and really straight forward.
I apologise that this post has been a tad boring but hopefully over the next 7 weeks it will be more interesting 
for you to read especially if at home hair removal is of interest.

HoMedics Me Quartz Permanent Hair Reduction costs £499.99 and is exclusive to Boots - link