Tuesday, July 24, 2012

17 Blow Out Mascara and Liner - Review

17's newest mascara is Blow Out a chunky packaged mascara with a large brush head 
that is constructed of natural fibres. The mascara comes in two shade options black and black/brown.
In the past 17 mascaras have been a little hit and miss, their older formulas seem to be the best buys
with the newest additions being a little lack lustre.

"Blow eyelashes out of all proportion with our full bodied 17 Blow Out Mascara. 
The densifying and conditioning formulation enriched with vitamin E and Argan Oil boosts lash body, 
then sets and holds for long lasting lift."

As mentioned the brush head is pretty large with I find works well with my eye shape and long eyelashes
but if you have short or small eyes you may find you struggle a little - I did on my lower lashes.
The formula is pretty wet and prone to clumping even with a comb through of the lashes
as it takes forever and a day to dry and is prone to smudging.

That being said it does elongate the eyelashes and added a natural curl but when a mascara promises full body and has a name like "Blow Out" I expect show stopping results or at least a little volume to my eyelashes however the results are very natural and not at all what I anticipated.
The good news is that it lengthens without flaking or weighing down the lashes perfect for us ladies that
have been blessed with poker straight lashes!
The bad news is that it smudges, takes forever to dry and doesn't quite live up to it's claims.

Boots are currently running a gift with purchase with their newest release - 
17s Blow Out Mascara, which is a matching Blow Out chunky pencil liner in Black.
As far as I can see it is a promotional item with no intentions of being released as a solo product.
The liner itself pretty good for a freebie, it's fabulous for creating thick blunt lines and is the perfect liner
for all out rock chick smokey eyes! Not to mention it's black without having an obvious blue tone, it stays put when used as an eyeliner but as an all over eye colour it does crease without a base!

Have you tried this duo yet or will you be?

17 Blow Out Mascara £6.29/12ml  and is exclusive to Boots- link

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  1. i might get this just for the eyeliner, it looks quite good and well pigmented!

  2. I hate it when a company brings out a promotional product that they have no intention of making permanent, it's usually that product thats amazing yet after a while you won't be able to get it. Like Lush's Snow Fairy, only ever available at Christmas but I love it more than anything else they do!

    Great post, these both look great!xo

  3. The eyeliner would probably do a good job under black eye shadow for a really dark smokey eye. (who doesn't love smokey eyes?)
    Shame the mascara is a wet one! I can't be doing with that, I always end up sneezing or something while doing my make up!

  4. ^^ I don't know why my comment was linked to some random website :/

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  7. The liner looks great; it's a shame they're not releasing it on its own xx

  8. I really enjoy trying out the 17 mascaras but this one didn't deliver - so disappointing as it has a good chunky brush! Good low key mascara though.


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