Nail wraps had their moment a few months ago then pretty much fizzled out.
I personally believe the problem was that they all seemed easy to apply but in reality the result was messy with lumps and bumps galore and not something I would happily wear.

    Well I have had a sudden change of heart thanks to Nailease, unlike nail wraps in the past these
    have a thick sticker like texture and are the least fiddly nail wraps I have encountered.
    They apply like a dream and are almost crease free, I say almost as I had two creases that I couldn't
    quite iron out but i'm sure with practise that would disappear.
    All in it took me ten minutes to apply and file down the nail wraps and that was for both hands!
    Pretty impressive wouldn't you agree?

    Not only are the Nailease nail wraps a breeze to apply but they also come in 3D designs
    complete with diamanté accents which I have never seen before, have you?
    The set I have on is the Black Clear Zebra Diamanté over various neon polishes,
    I was watching Jersey Shore as I was doing my nails and subconsciously tapped into the 
    my inner Snookie haha! 

  • 20 nail wraps, nail file and cuticle stick
  • A professional colour manicure in minutes
  • no more expensive trips to the nail salon
  • 2-in-1 colour manicure
  • Lasts up to 10 days and longer if care is taken!
  • No more smudging just when you thought the nail varnish was dry
  • A must for travel - no liquids or bottles!
  • Easy packing, no weight, fits in to the smallest of bags!
  • Nailease can be used on nails with acrylics or gels.

How to Apply
For best results: Clean and buff nails. Push back cuticles.
  • Select the size that fits your nail
  • Gently peel the nail wrap from the sheet
  • Place the rounded side of the wrap at the nail base.Sticky side down ! Note: you can gently pull off and reposition the wrap without damaging the strip
  • Firmly smooth the nail surface until wrinkle free. Note: you can gently stretch vertically and horizontally for a wrinkle free surface
  • Fold the excess of the nail wrap under the nail. Then gently file off the excess in a downward motion.
Nailease nail wraps cost £6.99* per set and are available from

Nail Polish Disclaimer - I no longer comment on the wear time as we all apply polishes differently (top/base coats etc) and as I change my polish almost daily sometimes several times a day due to swatching purposes 
I do not feel that I can fairly comment on wear time.