Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MUA Pro Undressed Palette - Review

I finally got my hands on an MUA Undressed Palette last weekend, 
gosh it was like the Heaven and Earth palette all over again...empty stands galore! 
Seems us Brits love a good neutral palette or five haha!
MUA Pro Undressed is the latest permanent addition the Pro palette range
so don't worry if you can not source this in your local Superdrug just yet as there is plenty of time to do so
or you could always order via MUA's web store.

Much like the packaging of all the MUA Pro palettes the 12 shades of the Undressed palette are housed
within a transparent and black plastic case that is sturdy and practical as you can see all of the shades inside
with a quick glance! I do like the current layout of the palettes - round pans of eyeshadow but have to 
admit that the Limited Edition "Go for Gold" palette layout was lovely and I do hope more palette be they
limited edition or not feature the square pan layout! 
As with all the palettes Undressed comes complete with a duo ended foam applicator...the less said the better haha!

MUA Undressed features a neutral colour scheme in a variety of both shimmer and matte based
formulated eyeshadows. I've heard a saw a few grumbles about this being too similar to the Heaven and Earth palette (MUA's first neutral palette) and I have to disagree, the shades in this particular palette are cool in tone where as Heaven and Earth featured mainly warm toned eyeshadows.
If you are looking for a budget dupe for Urban Decay's Naked2 palette then you could do a lot worse than this.

Formula wise the shimmer eyeshadows have a soft texture but they do hold their shape well 
even if you are a little heavy handed like myself, truthfully they do yield a little product fall out but 
nothing extreme or off putting. I would say that the shimmer based eyeshadows are the better formulated
shades in this palette as they have higher colour pay off and blend fairly well.
The matte shades are a little firmer in texture but not as ashen as some other high street brands
that being said compared to the shimmer formulations in this palette they do require a little work to blend out
but are not as prone to product fall out.
With a primer the shimmer shades wore for around 8/9 hours without was closer to 5 hours.
The matte shades wore roughly the same but did last closer to 6 hours without a primer.

Do you own the Undressed palette yet?

MUA Pro Undressed Palette available from selected Superdrug stores or from the MUA web store

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  1. I have this & LOVE it, i just asked my followers what product would they most like to win in a giveaway and the MUA undressed palette was the most popular so i will :) x

  2. never seen this pallete. is it available in the u.s? looks so similar to urban decays naked pallette unbelievable! co. gigi. food and beauty blogger

  3. It's such a shame I barely use eyeshadows as this palette is beyond beautiful, it really is. Good to see they are so pigmented!xo

  4. This is so like the naked palette, I think I need this in my life! xx

  5. i really want this!

  6. This looks like such a lovely palette and a great dupe for Naked2. If only I wore neutrals! x

  7. Can't get over the price! Like you said, everyone loves a neutral palette! xox

  8. I really like this, the price is amazing! So glad i got to see this post for the swatches there lovely. Thank you :)x

  9. This is an awesome dupe of the Naked palette and ever since this came out, i wish that i never spent so much on the UD one. I guess packaging wise, it doesn't compare with the official UD one, but formula and product wise it seems to be very similar indeed. Yes, this product was out of stock yesterday when i went shopping. It must be a hot pick product after many good recommendation on blogs and magazines! Perfect as a gift~ Thanks for sharing :)

  10. This REALLY REALLY REALLY does resemble the Naked 1 palette to me (as opposed to the 2), especially the last few actually the WHOLE thing! Wow!

  11. tempting review :P I will definitely buy it,and you can check my blog maybe you will see something interesting 4you :*

  12. This Palette looks beautiful! I hope I can get it here in the US. (:

  13. Is there anywher is can get this in Australia....we have nothin here....i hate it. I saw this on the MUA site, it is 4 pounds but the delivery is lie it adds up.


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