Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Shopping the Stash - Body Products

As mentioned I really want to complete a good few products before vacating the country
for some much needed sunshine!

Normally I only do a stash style post for my make-up based products but today in an attempt to step up my
efforts I have decided to include a post dedicated to body product in order to de-bulk my shower room!

So without further ado...


Berber Oil Hair Mask
I only have around 3 usages left so hopefully this deeply conditioning mask will have my hair in tip top
condition before I jet off...fingers crossed.

Body (Shower Products)

Original Source Strawberry Shower Gel
This is such a yummy scent but I keep forgetting to use it while in the shower so the next few days I will
be scented like a scrummy strawberry can dream.

Evolve Body Polish 
I found this while clearing out my shower product cabinet and can't believe I have only used half of it,
it's a wonderful natural scrub that is light yet powerful and a wonderful preparation stage for this those
amongst us that use self tanner.

Body (Scent)
Yardley Royal Daisy Body Spray
I truly do love this scent it's so summery and fresh and the body spray is great for a light fragrance boost
throughout the day.

Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser
A great light weight gel moisturiser that absorbs instantly into the skin, although it is intensive
it does not play havoc with my oily skin!

Hopefully I will complete the above products and you will see them in an upcoming empty post,
wish me luck!


  1. I love the clinique moisture surge too and it is not too greasy for my oily complexion hehe. Just the perfect hydration needed when my skin feels a bit dull, although i only have a sample sized tube at the minute. Hope you enjoy using these and finish them soon~ xx

    1. Thank you :) ah I hope your sample lasts longer than any of mine do haha :) are you thinking of picking up the full sized version?

  2. good luck! I love finishing products and knowing that I got good use out of them :)


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