Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Shopping The Stash - Face Products

I go on holiday (vacation) really soon so I ideally want to make a dent in my neglected products
so for this week only sees the addition of a Shopping the Stash Body Products which will be live a little
later on in the day.

Anyway on to my Make-Up based choices:


Mac Summer Rose Beauty Powder
In compact form this does appear to be a bright pink blush like product but it is in fact really sheer
and shimmer based and works best as a highlighting product.

NYX Blush in Terracotta 
I feel rather guilty that I have neglected this blush as it is such a warm bronze peach based blush
that works so well with medium or tanned complexions. I may sneak this into my holiday cosmetic bag?

FashionistA Blush in Blushing Coral
Coral this is not, it is more of a shocking magenta pink that gives most skin tones a slightly sun burnt effect.
I find it to work best layered over a matte bronzer but in truthfulness it is not a shade I favour.


Nars California Eyeshadow
A deepened red bronze that is wonderful on blue eyes it also works really well blended with bronze shades
to make a smoky eye pop!

Wet N Wild The Gilded Age Trio
Sadly this was a limited edition release from Wet N Wild, they should re-launch it and make it permanent
as it would do rather well amongst neutral eyeshadow fans like myself!

17 Wild Metallic Eyes Mousse Eyeshadow
I use these little mousse style eyeshadows as bases for powder products and favour the Wild Bronze shade
this is my second pot of such shade and for around £4 they are great to have in your stash.


Korres Lip Butters in Mango and Pomegranate 
I really want to finish both shades up and purchase the stick versions
as the potted balms are a little messy but do provide a lovely light wash of glossy colour that is hydrating
and perfect for the warmer months.

No7 Nourishing Lip Shine in Pink 
This week is all about sheer lip products that require little effort and this suits the bill perfectly!

Lavera Glossy Lips in Magic Red
Again this is a sheer colour that requires next to no effort and works well with most make-up looks
it is also a great way of sporting a red lip all the while being muted.

I have decided not to use the Avon lipstick as it has began to melt!

So that is my make-up choices, stay tuned for my body products!

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  1. I love the Wet N Wild eyeshadow <3
    Gorgeous <3 <3 <3

  2. The only Korres lip butter in the pot form I can put up with is the Jasmine version; the Korres tinted lip balms in the stick form look so much better than those two in the last photo! I hope the UK stores carry the ones with the new embellished packaging ;)


    1. Embellished packaging...*runs to google*

  3. I reckon that Wet n Wild trio would do great if it was available permanently! It looks gorgeous xx

  4. when I saw the wet and wild 3o I was happy, but when I read in your post it was a Limited edition it just did make me sad. I'm also a neutral girl when it goes to eye-shadow. is a shame is not permanent

    1. It really is a shame it is such a pretty trio :)

  5. I wish we could get wet and wild in the UK! I have the nyx blush in terracotta and I am guilty of neglecting it too.. I'll get it out again after seeing this post and reminding me haha!

    Jess xo

    1. I hear you on that i'm this close to starting a petition haha! Yes dig that bad boy out!

  6. I agree with Jess (and everyone else) I wish we could get wet and wild, i love the look of those, my favourite go to eye shadow colour.
    Was the avon lipstick like the popsticks maybelline just brought out?

    1. I'm with you on that :)
      no they are more like the Clarins versions :)

  7. Ah... Avon lipstick began to melt? :S It sounds very bad...

    I'm not keen on potted lip products except maybe a balsam, I think they're messy at all and also not so hygienic.

    I should shop my stash too...

    1. It was my own stupid fault I left it in the heat :|

      I agree I need to start buying stick versions once again haha :)

      Yes you should ;)

  8. I should start using my neglected products too as i have a continued growth of make-up products. I really don't like lipbalms in a pot because i feel that it gets really messy to use and unhygienic always dipping your finger inside so i much prefer a stick form. The lipbalm that i am loving now is the body shop's born lippy balm in a stick form :) Very moisturing and nicely scented hehe. I am going to shop my stash very soon :) Thanks for sharing~x

    1. I love the born lippy lip balms they smell and taste like sweets ;)

  9. I love the look of the eyeshadow trio & NYX bronzer!!x

  10. I absolutely adore Korres' lip butters! Cannot get enough of them!! They're practically my holy grail lip balms!

    1. I love them but damnnn they are messy!

  11. I just purchased the korres lip butters and I love them so much! I agree about them being a bit messy....I hate sticking my finger into a pot...but for an everyday moisturizing lip colour, you can't beat them!

    1. I totally agree lord they are messy but such great shades and formulas :)

  12. The Korres lip butters seem amazing, would love to see a review on them!

  13. I'm going to order some of the korres lip butters; i really like the look of wildrose and guava!

  14. I bought the no7 lip shine today. Hoping it's all it's raved about :)xx

  15. Love all of the products you have chosen. So summery. Hope you have a fab time on your holiday..:)

  16. The NARS eyeshadow looks amazing! xo

  17. Love the color of that NYX blush!! I've only tryed their cream blushes so far :)


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