Art Deco Eye Brow Stencil Kit - Review

24 June 2012

Firstly I would like to begin by saying when it comes to my eyebrows I am not as diligent as I should be
and tend to either over pluck and end up looking confused and feeling angry/stupid
or I neglect them completely and leave them to their own unruly devices.

At the moment I am currently growing my eyebrows out (doesn't that sound weird) so I can have my version of perfect brows so there is a lot of hiding and concealer tricks going on but what if you could avoid the mistake of over plucking and have salon perfect eyebrows on a daily basis with next to no work?

Well wonder no more you can with an easy peasy stencil kit by Artdeco!
The Eye Brow Stencil Kit contains three stencils - think, thick and natural and a small flat eyebrow brush.
Each stencil is constructed of flexible plastic that not only allows for easy application but it makes washing 
each stencil a breeze - a warm soapy flannel or baby wipes and bobs your uncle!

As mentioned application is a breeze you select the stencil that most appeals to you,
press it against your eyebrow and fill in your brows using the space in the stencil.
I apologise that my photos don't truly show the finished results off to their full potential
but believe me that the results are some what amazing, once I have my brows back in shape I will use this 
daily to maintain a groomed look

Not only can you use to fill in your brows but you can use them as a template to pluck them into tip top shape by again using the stencil but fill in the brows with a really deep shade and pluck away all the strays!

Tah-dah salon perfect brows every time!

You can purchase the Art Deco Eye Brow Stencil Kit from Tender Loving Skin Care - link £7.80


  1. i LOVE the look of this! definitely going to purchase x

  2. This is a great tool and definitely easier to fill in your eyebrows with a variety of different brow shapes :) I think there is a cheaper alternative that E.L.F offers too which is very similar to this. Thanks for sharing~x

    1. Yes :) it allows you to try out various looks without having to go to a salon, oh fab thank you for the alternative :)

  3. These look fab. Your brows look super groomed. I think I may have to try. Thanks for sharing.x

    1. Thank you :) sadly my brows are at a horrid stage...I hate growing them out!

  4. These look awesome! Really want to give them a go :)

  5. This is such a good idea! I can never seem to get mine symmetrical haha xx

  6. I have something similar from cresty cosmetics (hate that name!), it came with a brown shade too to fill in my brows. Got it at IMATS. It took a few goes to perfect holding the stencil etc. Great for anyone who finds it hard to fill in their brows.

    1. Oh lord that sounds like a toothpaste hahaha :) but you are right you do need to practise a little but once you have the knack easy peasy lemon squeezey :)

  7. i got some stencils like this off ebay for 99p, bargain! x

  8. I'm not sure how I feel about eye-brow shapers! xo

    1. Aww how come? I quite like them but then again i'm a lazy so and so ;) haha!


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