I'm sure most of us have nail polishes we keep tucked away for certain seasons,
i.e pastels for the spring and lots of glitter for the festive season?

Nothing says summer to me than lots of neon polishes and below I have shared my top five,
sneaking in my favourite top coat to jazz things up a little.

Illamasqua - Jo'mina - link
Quite possibly my favourite purple nail polish ever okay it's not quite neon
but it's not far from it and it's one of those shades that you don't often see.
By that I mean I can't think of a dupe off the top of my head which is pretty rare!
The formula is fantastic, this shade gets compliments where ever I go.

Illamasqua - Gamma - link
Neon without being tacky or matte, this shade is the brightest crème orange 
with a flattering yellow undertone. If you like orange shades and neon you need this!
I'll level and say that I truly love Illamasqua polishes and love to gobble a good few up 
when they go on sale and I suggest you do the same.

Nina Ultra Pro - Punki Purple - link
I know very little about Nina Ultra Pro Polishes other than that they are stocked in Sally's,
and that they do some great neon shades all for under £3 (even less if you have a Sally's card).
This is a perfect blend of purple and pink but be warned it does dry to a matte finish
and can be a little streaky at times!

Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Polish - Jinkie Pink - link
Unlike some bright neon pinks this has no blue undertone nor does it settle to a matte finish,
it is the prettiest neon pink that doesn't verge on chav-tastic nor is it only fitting for raves etc.
This shade looks amazing with tanned and dark skin tones so if you have either you may
want to invest in this shade for the summer.

Sinful Colors - 24/7 - link
This is my China Glaze Fantasy Flip Flop, so it's not as coral based
but at least this shade has the decency to apply without looking like a streaky mess
(can you tell I hate the formula of China Glaze Fantasy Flip Flop).
Sadly this also dries to a matte finish but a quick glossy top coat makes this shade all the prettier,
the only down side is that Sinful Colors are not readily available in the UK.

Technic - Carnival - link
The best glitter top coat I own, I've raved about this polish so many times
that it should have it's own little corner on my blog.
This goes with every polish I own and works each and every season,
I seldom buy back up's of polishes but this one I have two spares off...speaks volumes really!
Many say that this is a dupe for the famous OPI Rainbow Connection
but in my opinion this is far brighter and prettier.
Oh and the best part it's under £2 including postage!!!

What are your summer nail picks?