Candles are very much my thing before anyone misconstrues that,
I simply mean that everyone that is near and dear knows that a candle is one of the best gifts
to purchase for me as I always have at least one burning somewhere in the house.

I love the warmth, ambience and scent that a good scented candle can create
and much like every area in my life I am not a snob and have tried most well known brands
from Yankee, Neom, Febreeze, hand made and store own brands
but if you are looking for a decent cheap candle head to Ikea.

Today was actually my first visit to Ikea , can't say I enjoyed it...following arrows around and all
but it was worth it for the Tindra candles but never again!

In future I will be doing what I did in the past, pestering others to pick up a few candles 
for me every now and then!

Admitedly candles aren't the prettiest out there but for 95p they are passible
not to mention they are huge and burn for approximately 30 hours.

Scent wise some are stronger than others but in my experience none of the scents are overpowering
nor are the weak or overly artificial but lovely scents that are a snip at less than a pound!

Have you got any bargain candles that you like to keep stashed away?