I must apologise for the tatty state of the product that I am about to show you,
I normally photograph my products then test them but this time I have done it backwards
and as a result my product looks used and abused.
Oh and I have lost the lid...oops!

While i'm on the subject of packaging Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB Cream is a squeeze type
tube that comes with a pump to dispense the product - it also had a funky wooden style lid that
as I mentioned I have somehow lost in the last few days.

The benefits of having a pump and squeeze type bottle are that not only can you control the level of
product dispensed but when you near the end of the product you can use the squeeze function
allowing you to get the very dregs of the product out resulting in less waste!

Skin Food are an elusive bunch aren't they?

This particular product comes with very little claims and basically assumes that one will know what
a BB Cream is and what it should do.

It only claims to suit oily skin or troubled skin (blemishes I'm guessing?), to be light weight,
natural in finish and conceal any imperfections which it truly does.

If you have never experienced an Asian BB Cream then you are in for a treat when you finally do,
let me tell you this one is thick like a high end foundation yet light and creamy on the skin.

It features a light peach type scent that is so faint that even delicate noses will be able to put up with it
and my does it have great coverage without feeling mask like or heavy on the skin.

As it is so thick I had some worries about my oily skin reacting and responding with a break out
but nope nothing of the sort this BB Cream works really well with my oily skin and conceals my blemishes
with such ease that I don't really deem a concealer necessary.

The finish is natural and dewy but it does have a tendency to slip and cling to dry patches 
so for the best wear I do suggest priming and setting the skin with a powder because without it Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB Cream wore for a little over three hours and was just shy of the six hour mark.

The one thing that baffles me is the pore claim, I have enlarged pores and didn't find it to do 
anything to the appearance of my pores what so ever?

As always I have included my mole as a reference point in terms of coverage.

Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB Cream comes in two shades 1 and 2,
I went for 2 and have to admit it is very light in tone no more deeper than an NC20
with an orange undertone so if you are really pale it is worth noting such problem.

Shade 2 is the deepest shade available sadly and it is a good few shades too light for me
but I have been using it as a base then buffing on some bronzer as I really do love the formula.

If they were to add a few more deeper tones to the range I would honestly stock up for this summer
and all the summers left in my life span but as it is an Asian brand I'm guessing deeper tones
are not high on the agenda?

I purchased this from eBay for just under £6 inclusive of postage - link