Ooh look at me reviewing a product aimed at the opposite sex
but it is a great scent and sometimes it is nice to switch things up a little on the ol' blog
so I like to tell myself anyway haha!

L'Occitane are launching three new colognes this month - their first cologne launch ever!
All of which were inspired by the beautiful region of Provence. 
The three fragrances (one for women, one unisex and one for men) are presented in stunning glass bottles
which come in various sizes - 300ml/50ml and a co-ordinating shower gel allowing you to layer the scent.
All three are fresh and light for warm summer days – (we are getting there slowly but surely)

As mentioned I was sent the male colgone - Eau Captivante, the female version is called Eau Ravissante
which is a light floral and the unisex scent which I'm dying to test is Eau Universelle 
which is a citrus type scent.

Eau Captivante which is described as aromatic with notes of Bergamot and Lime,
I have no idea what Bergamot smells like but the zingy notes of lime are certainly detectable
making it a perfect choice for the warm weather as it is a light fresh scent but does linger on the skin.

Personally I don't find this overly masculine so if you like to play things a little off the cuff
and don't want to smell like every other female out there, I see no reason why a female couldn't wear this.

If you like your scents fresh and a little different then it is well worth checking Eau Captivante out!

The new range of colognes launch this month and start at £13
and will be available from L'Occitane - link