I reviewed the Strawberry Body Shop Beautifying Oil not that long ago - link
and said that yes it was great for adding a quick intensive moisture boost to the skin
but really didn't rate it on dry hair as it suggests.

Well that was before I learned why you apply it to dry hair and saw just how great it truly is.

The concept is that you apply it to dry hair but you don't go ahead and try  tostraighten it
or blast with the hair dryer the idea is that you apply it to dry hair and leave it over night so
it can work it's magic then rise out in the morning.
Before that I was bemoaning the sticky oily hair
because I was using it incorrectly, you live and learn eh?

Admittedly I don't enjoy oily products 100% but at least when it's in your hair you can slick it back
and forget about it until the morning and man is it worth a slightly oily pillow case!

Nowhere on the bottle does it state where you should apply this hair wise so you do have to use
common sense and ask yourself where is your hair dry - normally the ends but if you have
over processed hair or a fondness of bleach you may need to apply it a little further up
but I wouldn't go all the way up to the root unless greasy hair is your thang.

Again when it comes to rinsing, it is completely up to yourself,
I have tried it both rinsing purely with water and then doing a full wash and condition.
 Admittedly I prefer the latter as it I feel that way I have got 
rid of the oil completely yet I have the added moisture boost from the over night treatment
not to mention my hair feels so much more silken after each use with a lovely glossy sheen.

Oh and for those who asked in my previous post yes this works well as a bath oil,
albeit a little slippery but it scents the water and gives the skin a light veil of moisture.

Have you tried The Body Shop Beautifying Oil's? How do you prefer to use them?

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil's cost £9/100ml and come in a variety of scents - link

This post contains a PR sample.