As you may be aware by now today is Festival day on The Sunday Girl
and along with packing some face paints why not take along some cute temporary tattoos to any festival you may be attending?

Gone are the days when temporary tattoos came concealed insdide bubblegum wrappers and were more biker chick than chic but with thanks to iconic brands such as Chanel temporary tattoos are very much en Vogue...all the fun without any pain!

At some of the Festivals I have attended in the past there has been stalls proposing a similar concept
only with a hefty price tag but if you are going to a festival with a gaggle of friends why not purchase a pack for £7.99 and split the cost and contents?

Each pack of Skin Art Temporary Tattoos comes with three sheets of designs all based on a theme,
there is four various sets to choose from : Celebrity Inspired, I'm a Dreamer, Love is Enough and In Your Own Words - my favourite is I'm a Dreamer.

Basically all you have to do is select the tattoo you fancy sporting cut around the design, peel off the protective plastic film, place it on the desired body area, lightly dampen with water, press down firmly for around 60 seconds, peel back, leave to dry and tah-dah you have a fabulous new tattoo that can last up to five days depending on where you have placed it !
If you want to remove it sooner try an oily based make-up/eye-make up remover.

Not only are the Skin Art Temporary Tattoos great for Festivals but if you are thinking of getting a real tattoo these could serve as a test run before you commit to the real deal?

Skin Art Temporary Tattoos start at £7.99 per pack and are available from