I couldn't have a festival themed day and not include a little guide of what to take and what to avoid,
well as far as cosmetics and toiletries are concerned anyway!

My rule of thumb when it comes to events such as festivals and gigs is that if you can't afford to loose it
don't take it with you, it will save a lot of heartache and searching for a diamond ring in a muddy field
is not anyone's idea of a good time...trust me on that one!


Let's not pretend that you are going to cleanse, tone and moisturise when there because you won't!
For occasions like this facial wipes are a god send as you can at least cleanse your face and other body parts should you need to. 

I would also recommend taking a facial sunscreen as it will double up as a moisturiser and all over protector of the skin from the damaging sun rays, remember to use all over not just on your face!

A complaining sun burned friend is not a friend anyone will enjoy listening too!


Less is more!

A bronzer can not only be used to warm up the skin tone but it also doubles as blush and eyeshadow option.
As you will more than likely be wearing sunglasses I say skip mascara and eye make-up if it can't be seen what is the point in applying it?

Make sure you pack a lip balm as your lips will most likely dry out and perhaps a light sheer lip option 
if you can't live without lippy - try Revlon Lip Butters or a Clinique Chubby Stick.


Again just pack the bare essentials.

I find a travel toothbrush, mini toothpaste and a dry shampoo to be more than suffice!
As nasty as it sounds any camp site that I have stayed within during festivals did not have any shower facilities so wet wipes and dry shampoo will quickly become your best friends!

I forgot to photograph it but I do recommend popping a anti-bacterial hand gel with you 
and a strip of plasters wouldn't go a miss either!


I wouldn't bother taking a bottle of perfume to any festivals, it's wasted! 
Nearly everyone there smells of alcohol with the occasional whiff of shame and if your extra lucky urine!
For me it's all about feeling fresh and for that I like to use PitRock Deodorant wipes not only do they lightly scent the skin but they also help remove grime and what not, yes you could use simple wet wipes but as they don't deodorize they don't have quite the same effect.

For a light scent pack a body spray, cheap and cheerful and you can also use it as air freshener for 
when the tent gets a little whiffy or when entering a nasty port-a-loo!


Speaking of port-a-loo's you must pack tissues and wet wipes of some kind, trust me after using a port-a-loo at a festival you will not feel clean for around a year...horrid, nasty, places that they are!

You may also want to take along a pack of Allergy tablets in-case you have a mild reaction to your surroundings- hay fever, hives that sort of thing obviously consult your doctor before hand but generally speaking it may be a wise choice...a pain killer for sore heads should also be on your list!

Is there anything else you would take with you?