I have said countless times before that I do not truly enjoy oil based products
be they for the face, hair or body I simply can not get on board with oils of any kind.
It is the texture, residue and no matter how well I apply such products I am still very aware that
they are present on my skin or hair...i'm aware most of the problems lie within my head
as no-one else seems to have such aversions to oil based products quite like I do.
So it may come as quite a surprise that I have found a light oil hair treatment spray that I enjoy using,
shock, horror indeedy!

The product that has magically changed this stubborn mule's ways is none other than Macadamia's
Healing Oil Spray - they also produce a great deep repair masque that is worth checking out.
Macadamia's Healing Oil Spray combines Macadamia and Argan oil to produce an ultra light hair oil
that is weightless, hydrating and most importantly protects and repairs the hair.

As mentioned I strongly dislike the sensation of oil on my person and that includes my hair
so I approached this product rather tentatively preparing for the worse - oil overload and another trip
into the shower to wash the product out like I have done so many times in the past
but from the get go I could see this light oil was going to be different.

The concept is that you can use this product both on damp hair and dry hair, damp hair works best for me as when blow drying the oil is absorbed quickly into the hair leaving behind no oily residue - my pet peeve!
However as it is a spray type product and the mist it produces is so fine even on dry hair it does not
result in oily/greasy hair that is tacky to the touch but rather it results in a quick moisture and shine boost.
The Macadamia's Healing Oil Spray also helps to keep static and frizzy hair at bay when spritzed on dry hair
without jeopardising the hair style i.e curly hair that has been straightened will not retort to it's natural state.

On damp hair it offers the same instant moisture and healing properties yet also protects the hair
from any heat or styling damage so no need for a separate heat protector.
Once the hair is fully dry it feels soft to the touch with a truly dazzling shine not to mention it helps dry ends appear less damaged allowing you to go a little a longer in-between hair stylist visits.

If you are looking for a reasonable priced light weight oil that protects, repairs and hydrates the hair
all the while leaving it feeling soft with a healthy sheen I strongly recommend trialling Macadamia's
Healing Oil Spray.

Macadamia's Healing Oil Spray retails for £9.79 for 60ml via Hair Trade - link