The L'Oreal Miss Candy collection which is currently available via most L'Oreal stockists
has one of the most extensive nail polish launches I have seen in a long while.
It features a whooping ten shades in total you are completely spoilt for choice - ranging from
cool toned pastels to hot bright oranges and pinks.
With their small price point most will be able to afford a few new additions to add to their stash.

I do not have all ten shades to share, I fall a little short with seven but none the less
it is rather a lot of polish to pop in one post so I have split them into colour families for ease
and will begin with orange toned shades in the collective.

Spicy Orange 304 - Out of all seven shades I have to test this is by far my favourite,
it is an intense red based orange that simply pops on the nails.
It is not neon by any means yet packs all the punch and intensiveness of such shades.
A must for the summer months and one that will be wonderfully set off with a tan...cocktail optional.

Dating Coral 305 - As much as I love all things Coral I'm not completely swayed by this shade.
It is nice enough but ever so lack lustre and lacks the wow factor.
That aside it is fairly muted shade so it will suit those who want to tap into the coral trend
without going all out, perhaps better suited to those who work in a more conservative field.

The formula of the Miss Candy Color Riche Nail Polishes are gel based so they glide on with ease
offering even and smooth coverage in a brush stroke.
I found Dating Coral to require three coats in order to become some what opaque 
and found it took a little longer to dry compared to Spicy Orange which dried fairly quickly.
That being said Spicy Orange also required three thin coats for full coverage.

Although the bottles are on the small side at 5mls the brush housed inside is full size
with a flat fan style design which allows you to coat the nail in one coat depending on the level of pressure
applied, it is rather similar to the brush that Essie have rolled out in their new diffusion line.
Personally with having small nails I find this style of brush fairly troublesome
but hey ho you win some and you loose some eh?

The Miss Candy Polishes are available now from selected L'Oreal retailers for £4.99/5ml.