Today I have another Fluro polish to share and it may just be my favourite
and explain I shall!

You see many moons ago I was watching a programme about Jodie Marsh
and she had the brightest orange/red polish on.
I know who ever thought i'd be blogging about Jodie Marsh?
Well after much searching today i finally have the shade I have wanted for so long.

I bet that was a little anti-climatic, if you think this story was boring be thankful you don't know
me in real life haha!

The shade I love so dearly is called Sweet Melon Fluo and my it is bright!
It reminds me a little of Orly Orange Punch but less orange toned,
Sweet Melon has a red tone that makes it a little more special.
It is not a matte shade but not the glossiest shade either so you may want to add a glossy top coat?

I'm growing quite fond of the Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Polish formulas,
they apply well and have a great consistency, not too thick not too thin
and the brush is a great size and shape so it is very easy to control - how cool is the pointed lid?
One thing I will say about Sweet Melon is that it is a jelly type shade so it will take more than three coats
to cover up your nail line, I don't personally mind it but thought I should point it out.
Oh and the drying time of Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Polishes is pretty impressive too.

You can read more about Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Colours here and find stockists too!

Nail Polish Disclaimer - I will no longer be commenting on the wear of nail polishes
unless it chips instantly etc as I change my nail colour too frequently (sometimes daily),
to comment properly on the wear and as we all use different techniques such as top coats/base coats
I don't feel that my comments on wear time are helpful in any way.