This is not a review nor is it my initial thoughts of the range but more of a log in a virtual diary.
My hair is currently 17inches long (from root to tip) and is at that annoying stage where it simply doesn't seem to be growing...well it is but not quickly!

To hopefully boost my hair's growth over the next few months I will be trailing the Lee Stafford Growth Range which consists of a shampoo, conditioner and treatment. I have decided to update with a one month progress post, a three month progress update and the grand finale six months later!
For once I have actually remembered to photograph my hair so I can do a before and after once six months pass, go me!

At the moment there is not much I can really say about the products as I have only just used the shampoo and conditioner once and I am currently typing away with the treatment slopped over my head but
what I can say is that the scent is very floral and girlie - the pink packaging is an indication of what to expect!

Each product is protein based to fertilize the hair follicles, creating a healthy environment on the scalp for the hair to hopefully grow faster and healthier. The product range also protects against heat and UV damage.

Wish me luck!

You can purchase the Lee Stafford Growth Range from Boots stores with products starting at £6.99 - link
but they are currently on a 3 for 2 offer!