How many can truly say they enjoy self tanning?
I know I don't, it's cold and time consuming but I do enjoy the golden glow that comes with the process,
what if I had a product that allows you to have a fabulous sun kissed look and that you can get away with
applying once a week...twice of you really, really like being bronze!

The tanner I am talking about is LDN : Skins Self Tan Mousse which comes complete with a foam mitt to aide with the application process, the mitt is constructed of velvet so it non slip and really easy to use
not to mention that it prevents staining of the palms...never a good look.

All of the self tanners in the LDN : Skins range are developed to allow you to switch between depths of tan
from all out super bronzed goddess or a lightly sun kissed glow, if you like your tan to be subtle I suggest selecting a tanner from their Tone 1 variety (great for fair skin tones) and if you like a deeper tan try out a product from their Tone 2 selection which are better suited to mid tone skin tones.

LDN : Skins Self Tan Mousse has a light consistency that dries moderately quickly so you have time to fix any mistakes that may arise but it not so long that you are left freezing while you wait for it to settle.
The mousse is lightly tinted to allow you to see where you have applied and to avoid those annoying white patches, the tint as mentioned is rather natural and completely odourless so you can apply in the morning should you wish to and not have to worry about turning oompa loompa orange well smelling like a biscuit factory, no more being the self tanning laughing stock of the office haha!
LDN : Skins Self Tan Mousse is also transfer resistant so gone are the days of stained bed sheets and pjs!

As mentioned this has the potential to be a once a week product, I applied it late Sunday evening
and still had a light bronze glow on the Friday had I not been going out on Saturday I would have been happy enough with my level of tan which faded at an even pace without any annoying tide marks etc.
For a deep bronze look you may want to go for two applications per week which is still relatively low.
As a side not with one coat of tanner my skin deeped by around two shades - think a week in the sunshine
not all out Donnatella Versace baked skin!

You can find out more about the LDN : Skins Self Tanner range and purchase from LDN Skins web store - link, LDN : Skins Self Tan Mousse 150ml/£24

Self Tanner Disclaimer - The reason I do not show before and after images is simply due to the fact we all have various skin tones and as I am fairly medium skinned in tone without any tanner I would hate to give unrealistic results for some hoping to achieve deep skin with ease.