You may be aware that Accessorize launched a make-up collection a little over a year ago
but did you know that they also have a scent wardrobe?

Today I have two scents to share, one I deem to be a day time scent and the other better suited to night.
Admittedly it is only fairly recent have I felt the need to keep some scents for night wear
before I would wear the same scent all day, every day but some fragrances are just too heavy for day wear 
to be doing that!

Accessorize Enchanted EDT £9.99/50ml
This is described as a "A sweet fruity floral accord consisting of ripe Raspberries, Candyfloss,
soft Jasmin, Violet and Rose with supporting notes of subtle Chocolate Musk, Vanilla and Sandalwood."
I can certainly detect the Candyfloss and berry notes and once settled you can smell the musk.
For me this is a lovely light young girlie scent that is perfect for everyday wear and reminds me a little
of Britney Spears Fantasy perfume, I really do think this scent will appeal to most as nothing about it
is offensive to the senses even the bottle is pretty damn cute.

Accessorize Charm EDT £9.99/50ml
This is certainly the evening scent of the two, described as "This happy potion contains a watery
freshness on top with bursts of energy from the heart of sunshine flowers and hot Amber oils".
Although I have stated that this is more an evening scent don't write this off as a heady sickly scent,
it is fresh but powerful and is a great summer evening scent, this reminds me of another scent I have 
owned in the past, i'm just not sure which...I want to say Anna Sui (the handbag shaped one?).
This is the slightly more mature scent of the two and comes in a lovely simple frosted glass bottle.

You can purchase the Accessorize scents from selected Superdrugs and Accessorize stores.

Scent Disclaimer -All in all I have found the Accessorize scents I have tested to be pleasantly scented
and fairly long lasting but scent is so subjective as we all have different tastes
also what wears long lasting on my skin may not for others.