No festival look is complete without a little slice of funky nail art!

If like me you are less than skilled with a brush and paint so to speak then you really have to test out
nail water transfers that are easy peasy to apply yet give fantastic results with next to no effort!

Here’s how they work…
• Paint the nails in the desired colour and allow to dry thoroughly
• Cut around the decal and pop it into tepid water for 30 seconds
• Remove from water using tweezers and slide the decal from the backing paper onto the nail
• Slide it into position and pat it gently into place with a tissue.

Each pack comes 20 of your chosen design in various sizes that you can use for a feature nail 
or apply to all ten nails for a professional nail art effect.
They can be used on both the finger nails and on the toe nails too!

For less than £2 a pack you can afford to be as daring as you wish,
find out more and pick up a pick or two from